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Pacific Salmon: Vote With Your Fork!

The wild salmon fishery can be a model for a sustainable fishery -- but only if consumers maintain the demand. If you don't want to be stuck eating farmed salmon, which contains high levels of carcinogenic toxins, vote with your fork for healthier wild salmon and clean waters.






What You Can Do

Congress needs to hear from all of us that it’s time to take the necessary steps to protect the Western waterways vital to Pacific salmon and the communities they support.

  1. Ask Congress to enact the Salmon Economic Analysis and Recovery Act. This far-sighted bill will allow Congress to seriously study removing the four lower Snake River dams: the critical centerpiece of a restoration strategy for the salmon populations scientists tell us we have only a short time to save. 

  2. Tell your representative to support a bill to provide emergency aid to salmon fisherman, and to take immediate steps to reverse the decline of the Klamath River and other salmon rivers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

  3. Sign the "Why Wild Petition" with our partner, Trout Unlimited.
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