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PATH To Coal Power Dropped

Two coal companies (American Electric Power ("AEP") and Allegheny Energy) that wanted to build a transmission line to deliver their dirty coal-fired electricity to major East Coast cities are abandoning their project in the face of Earthjustice opposition.

AEP and Allegheny greatly exaggerated future demand for electricity in order to claim that the proposed $1.8 billion Potomac Appalachian Highline Transmission ("PATH") project was "needed." Earthjustice presented expert testimony that challenged the exaggerated demand forecast. When the companies were ordered to undertake modeling using the more realistic assumptions recommended by the experts, they were forced to admit that their numbers were wrong.

Had they succeeded in building the PATH line, AEP and Allegheny would have been able to force far more of their dirty, polluting energy on East Coast ratepayers, keeping renewable clean energy out of the lucrative eastern power market for many years to come.

The coal companies have asked for permission to withdraw their permit application for PATH in Virginia, and Earthjustice will be pressing them to do the same in West Virginia and Maryland.