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Protecting People from Brick Kiln Emissions

Another victory, but something's different

A federal court invalidated yet another EPA rule that did nothing to limit toxic air pollution from brick and clay manufacturers. The same court has invalidated many of the rules that this agency proposed under its air toxics program, none of which follow the law and clean up pollution that causes cancer, damages organs, irritates our lungs and throats, and threatens our children.

Enough is enough

EPA adopts pollution limits that fall below what the law requires. Earthjustice challenges the rule and the courts often decide in our favor. EPA goes back, does the same thing again and we're right back where we started. This time, the court had enough. If EPA disagrees with the law, the court wrote, "it should take its concerns to Congress. In the meantime, it must obey the Clean Air Act."

Now that we all agree…

Over 500 brick and clay makers across the country spew some of the worst toxic pollution. The EPA has done nothing to protect the millions of Americans living near these facilities. Our victories in court have been many. And now, it's obvious that Congress, the courts and the citizens agree: EPA needs to follow the law and protect our health.