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Roadless Areas in National Forests: Balanced Protection for the Future, Hope in an Era of Climate Change

Roadless areas are crucial -- as a home for wildlife, a haven for recreation, and the source of much-needed water.

In addition, one important element of a comprehensive strategy to address climate change exists already – wild, roadless forests. Such forests are an important buffer against the looming effects of climate change, as they act as carbon sponges, protect water supplies, and safeguard species coping with climate change.

With proper stewardship, intact forests will help sustain us and our children for generations to come.

Materials are being developed to help with outreach about the significance of roadless areas in general and about the role roadless areas can play in stemming climate change. These can used for your own information and in outreach to others.

These materials include a white paper written by scientists about the key ways roadless areas provide hope in an era of climate change.

Download Hope in an Era of Climate Change: Roadless Areas in National Forests: