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Telebriefing: Overview of the Year Ahead (2011) for Earthjustice

Photo of Patti Goldman.
Patti Goldman,
Earthjustice VP for Litigation.

In 2010, Earthjustice worked overtime preserving our natural heritage, promoting a clean energy future and protecting human health. We were an integral part of cases that reached a settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to update air pollution rules; forced household cleaner giants to reveal chemical ingredients; reinstated protections for gray wolves; and forced a timeout on Arctic drilling.

In 2011, we expect more of the same: court victories and administrative rulings in response to our challenges and lawsuits. Earthjustice Vice President for Litigation Patti Goldman will give us an overview of the year ahead and take your questions and comments about our work.

Listen to the telebriefing: