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Elk in Yellowstone National Park.
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What Does the 2012 Election Mean for the Environment?

Election day, November 6, 2012, shortly before President Obama gave his acceptance speech.  (Christopher Dilts)

With the effects of climate change already being felt around the globe and corporate money influencing policy, the election of November 2012 represents a critical moment for the environment.

In a teleconference held a few days after the election, Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen and Vice President of Policy and Legislation Martin Hayden reviewed election results, assessed the impact on Earthjustice's work, and answered questions from Earthjustice supporters. The discussion was moderated by National Press Secretary Kari Birdseye.

Recorded:  November 9, 2012


President Obama addresses Madison, WI on the election trail. (Scout Tufankjian)
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NOAA satellite photo of superstorm Sandy.
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