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Example Gift of Appreciated Securities

For more information on making a gift of appreciated securities, click here.

Five years ago Mr. Sequoia purchased 100 shares of FOREST Co. stock at $5 per share for a total of $500. The company has done very well and his 100 shares are now worth a total of $2,500. He consults his financial advisor and decides to donate his stock to Earthjustice. Mr. Sequoia, who is in the 28% tax bracket, avoids a total of $1,000 in taxes and feels that he has made a significant difference towards the protection of wildlands, public health and endangered species for generations to come.

Tax Savings, Cash vs. Stock Gifts



Gift Amount



Charitable Deduction



Income Tax Savings (28% Bracket)



Capital Gain Tax Savings



Total Tax Savings



"Cost" of Gift



This example is for informational purposes only. Earthjustice is not in a position to offer financial advice. We recommend reviewing any gift plan with your personal advisors.