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Mountain Heroes: Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold: My Mountain Story

Alex Honnold is perhaps the country’s most renowned rock climber, one of the world’s most accomplished climbers, and the holder of numerous world records for climbing. Alex, at only 26 years old, shares the world record for the fast climb up The Nose (El Capitan) at 2:23:51. He is the only person to have ever solo-climbed the Yosemite Triple crown Mt. Watkins, The Nose (El Capitan), and The Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome — and he did so at an astonishing world-record pace: 18 hours, 50 minutes. Especially amazingly, Alex accomplished most of this record-setting climb about 6,500 feet out of the total 7,000 feet with no harness, no ropes, no gear. His uncanny ability to “free-solo” climb the toughest mountain walls and faces in the world has set him apart from the rest of the climbing field. Alex has been profiled by 60 Minutes, CNN, National Geographic TV and National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, numerous magazines, and featured in several documentary films.

In joining this petition to stop mountaintop removal mining, climbing hero Alex Honnold joins thousands of others who are standing up to defend America's mountains and mountain people.

This is Alex's message:

"My name is Alex Honnold. Climbing mountains is my life. We should protect them."

He adds: "We should all strive for less impact on this earth. There are less destructive ways to live."