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Mountain Heroes: Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah: My Mountain Story

Daryl Hannah is an award-winning actor and activist, best known for her roles in Splash, Blade Runner, Roxanne, Wall Street, Kill Bill, Volume 1 and Kill Bill, Volume 2, and many more critically acclaimed films and theater productions. Daryl is also an ardent environmentalist, a vegan, and an activist who puts her money where her mouth is by participating in protests and rallies across the nation and dedicating much of her time to raising awareness of climate change, mountaintop removal mining, sustainable farming, and renewable energy solutions. Daryl has her own weekly video blog called, where she keeps her fans aprised on a range of environmental issues. For several years, her work to educate the public on the devastation of mountaintop removal mining, and to bring this issue into the public spotlight, has made her one of the movement's most loyal allies and friends.

In joining this Earthjustice campaign, Daryl Hannah is standing with all Mountain Heroes in opposition to mountaintop removal mining.

The following is Daryl Hannah's photo petition message:

"I believe if people in this country truly understood that we are allowing private companies to blow up our oldest mountain range and decimate the ecosystems, water, and communities — it would not be legal. Mountaintop removal mining is a crime."