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Mountain Heroes: Jerry Cope

Jerry Cope: My Mountain Story

Jerry Cope is a designer, filmmaker, and an environmental activist. Having focused his career on jewelry design and filmmaking, in 2004 Jerry was inspired to rededicate his life to working on environmental issues. Drawing on his experience in the jewelry industry and jewelry design, in 2006 Jerry began developing eco-friendly sustainable jewelry manufacturing techniques. He has designed collections for, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and WorldTrust. In 2008 Jerry joined Cucoloris Films as Executive Producer of Environmental Projects. Jerry works with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project,, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society,, and the Rain Forest Action Network. Also a consultant and Producer for, Jerry is a frequent contributor to HuffPost.

The following is Jerry's petition message:

"My name is Jerry. Mountaintop removal mining is blasphemy. Mountains are the height our souls reach for. Protect them and soar!"