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Waiahole Water Rights

Case Overview

Nearly a century ago, water vital to taro farmers, streams, and the estuary on Oʻahu's east side was diverted to sugar plantations through the Waiāhole Ditch system. The plantations are gone now, and Earthjustice represents farmers and Native Hawaiians in an effort to restore the water to the streams where it belongs. Earthjustice's efforts yielded the first return of water to Hawaiʻi's streams in history, and it continues to fight for more restoration, and is opposing further diversions of water from the system.

See the Hawaiʻi Supreme Court's historic decision in 2000, and its second decision in 2004 reaffirming the law.

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Hakipu`u `Ohana
Ka Lahui Hawai`i
Waiahole-Waikane Community Association

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