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Pesticide lobbyists sought to remove checks and balances
Judge rules against Bush administration logging plan
A federal judge rules that the USDA issued permits illegally for the planting of genetically-engineered crops in Hawai'i
Ruling first ever on controversial drug-producing GE crops manufactured by Monsanto and others
Finds EPA has diverted resources away from protecting public health.
Stops December 2005 lease sale in popular recreation area
Thousands of West Coast home and garden stores to post "Salmon Hazard" information
EPA ordered to end delays on San Joaquin Valley air pollution contingency measures
Exhaust would pollute Yellowstone National Park

Orcas get recognition by National Marine Fisheries Service, critical habitat established

Lawsuit forces EPA to take action to protect workers
Unprecedented announcement means King Coal to stop burying streams at four West Virginia mines
FY 07 Budget includes funding to appraise and acquire plantation watersheds & assets
A federal judge has ruled that water management in the Upper Snake River basin illegally harms salmon.