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Court unanimously throws out earlier rulings that failed to consider imperiled delta smelt
Multinational corporations challenging pesticide disclosure law
NAACP joined other clean air advocates in defense of this important protection
Montana judge rejects effort to classify wild bison as“livestock”
Limits set by Congress cannot be “easily circumvented through clever use of a marine thesaurus”
Earthjustice wins 11-year legal water pollution battle
Refuses to hear baseless case against the EPA for blocking extreme WV mountaintop removal mine
Three-judge panel maintains water management plan that aids delta smelt
Rejects unreasonable demand to return to widespread buffalo slaughter
Community leaders, groups applaud decision to protect Bay Area communities
EPA commits to long-overdue review of standards for toxic air pollution
No Chukchi Sea drilling in 2014
Faced with looming court challenge, Idaho halts unprecedented program
Lease Sale 193 in the Chukchi Sea remanded by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
Declares a portion of pro-fracking, anti-community state law unconstitutional