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Rule deregulated 1.5 million tons of toxic waste
Salmon, clean water, and old-growth forests big winners
Case aimed at reducing smog in America's most polluted communities
EPA designations of counties not attaining fine particle pollution standard stand
Community and public health groups challenged project that would increase pollution
Federal agency agrees with Earthjustice, Sierra Club request
Conservation groups hail victory for wildlife and public participation
The announcement sets the stage for a return to a “traditional interpretation” of the Clean Air Act
Taking swift action, agency makes public highly toxic sites that threaten public health
Proposed coal mine in BC's Flathead River Valley triggers World Heritage investigation
Clean Water Restoration Act necessary to protect all streams, rivers and lakes
Residents hope city's commitment means cleanup will begin at long last
Decision one more reason to withdraw Bush Oregon logging plan
Failure to regulate has allowed release of tons of toxic pollution released annually
Feds to reconsider Endangered Species Act protections