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California Fish and Game Commission ignored significant threats to fishers
Barriers to native habitat must be removed to restore this “keystone” species
Facility moved following earlier legal challenge
Feds urged to avoid sensitive lands, support renewable energy
Prime wildlife land near Yellowstone Park safe from snowmobiles
55,000 acres of Colorado pristine land protected for now
Court of Appeals preserves consumers’ ability to save millions, State’s ability to reduce global warming pollution
Army ordered to report on progress in studying marine contamination, threats to cultural sites
Dirty air resolution to lock in coal plant pollution rejected
County failed to prove obscure, little-used route was a ‘public highway’
Conservation and clean air groups applaud release of Title V permits
Kentuckians no longer facing 30% bill increase to clean up coal plant
Threat to Green River gone for now
Imperiled manatees, sturgeon blocked from their historic migration on the Ocklawaha