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Save Our Skins: Congress v. The Environment : The Polar Bear

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Save Our Skins. (We know you want to.)
Gray Wolf.

The Wolf

(Chicks dig my howl.)

The Salmon

Damn those dams...
Gimme my water back!
Polar Bear.

The Polar Bear

Out for a 200 hour swim.
(My, it's getting warm up here.)

Michael Phelps swims 400 meters and he gets a gold medal and the cover of a Wheaties box.

An older gentleman jumps in the water at Coney Island for 1 minute in January and they call him a Polar Bear.

No, I'm a Polar Bear. I just got back from a 3 day swim in the Arctic just to bring my kids a meal. Where's my gold medal? Where's my post-plunge hot tub? It's okay. No one appreciates the sacrifices we mothers make. But we know our priorities lie with these guys.

Still, I've got to admit it's getting hard out here, even for a Super Mom like me. I don't have a lot of support. I got 15 glowing comments from the mommy blogs when I wrote about feeding the kids organic seal meat, but when I asked for advice on putting the kids to sleep without a block of ice in sight, I couldn't even manage a single Facebook Like.

Now, even with all the ice melting, Congress wants to take away my protections. They say the polar bear population is healthy, but with nothing but water as far as the eye can see, I beg to differ.

So I'm going to get on the Twitter and let people know what I'm up to and how you can help me and the kids. That's right, I microblog.

You can follow along @PolarBearSOS and hopefully tell Congress to Save Our Skins.

Save MY Skin!
Polar bear swimming.Congress and Me: A Tragic Tale.

There’s a first time for everything.

The first time I saw my newborn cubs opening their tiny little eyes and looking back at me.

The first time I became the face of a certain major beverage company during a certain festive time of year.

And the first time an animal was listed under the Endangered Species Act because of global warming—yup, me in 2008.

Although I’m often the face of the Arctic (and let’s admit it, you humans can’t get enough of me and my chubby little white bear cubs), I'm not the only Arctic Ocean critter feeling the heat from global warming. Rising temperatures are melting away ice floes that my neighbors—the walrus, ringed seals, even Native Arctic human communities—need to survive. After all, we don’t really have gills, which means we can’t survive in open water alone. We need the ice for resting, hunting, and breeding—I heard the sad news the other day that one of my girlfriends just lost her cub who drowned after not being able to find solid ice to rest on. It’s heartbreaking …

You’d think with all the stress we’re under from global warming, we’d get a sympathetic ear from Congress. But some members of Congress and their oil industry allies have their eyes on only one thing: a massive expansion of oil and gas drilling in the Arctic that would be bad news for all of us animals. Some migrating birds told us what happened with the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. If you think that was hard to clean up, imagine trying to control a massive oil spill in freezing, icy waters … And you wonder why we mothers worry so much?

Help me out here. After taking action, you can visit the Irreplaceable Wildlife page to see what other animals are affected by global warming. Also, don’t miss the Visions of the Arctic campaign page where you can learn more about the amazing work of photographer Florian Schulz (you can see a photo slideshow of where I grew up). And finally, learn about how stopping black carbon emissions (aka, soot) will go a long way towards curbing global warming. We need all the help we can get …

Polar Bear.
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Ursus maritimus


The Arctic

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Who doesn't love polar bears? I'll tell you who: Congress. We're sending 37,000 letters to Congress—1,000 letters for every year the ESA has been around—telling them what we think about their attacks on the ESA. Make sure they hear from you!

Save MY Skin!
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