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Save Our Skins: Congress v. The Environment : The Salmon

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Save Our Skins. (We know you want to.)
Gray Wolf.

The Wolf

(Chicks dig my howl.)

The Salmon

Damn those dams...
Gimme my water back!
Polar Bear.

The Polar Bear

Out for a 200 hour swim.
(My, it's getting warm up here.)

Oh Boy …

Can anyone hear me? I'm just a normal salmon who's made a terrible mistake. I just googled myself and the results were not good.

There are about 9.6 million pages about how to eat me. Apparently I'm delicious. And there are about 15 thousand images of scary looking dudes holding giant versions of me out of the water. Apparently I'm handsome.

But the news results, however, were the worst. Things have been pretty shallow lately, but there was some hope. There were many science-based plans to help restore the drained streams I depend on, but now Congress wants to kill those plans. I don't have to tell you what happens to fish without water. Talk about a punch to the gills. Strangely, I also saw no mention of how this will affect the millions of web pages dedicated to eating me.

So, anyone who can hear me. I need your help. I've decided that I'm going to do my part and live out this ridiculous life cycle, but you need to do yours—follow me on Twitter @SalmonSOS and tell Congress to Save our Skins!!!!

Save MY Skin!


Congress and Me: A Tragic Tale.

I'm a complex creature.

Columbia Dam.
Dams—the stuff that salmon nightmares are made of…

Not every fish leaves the ocean just to find its way back to its native stream to spawn, but then again salmon are not just any fish. In fact, before humans started building dams and sucking up all the water, salmon runs in the great rivers out west used to number in the hundreds of thousands! There were so many of us, some people even said you could walk across the river on our backs!

But times sure have changed … After centuries of dams, irrigation, and pesticide use, we salmon are not doing that well. Actually, many of us are close to dying off,* and if it weren’t for smart laws like the Endangered Species Act, many salmon in the Columbia, Snake, and Sacramento rivers would have vanished years ago.

If there’s one thing every human child learns in school, it’s that fish need water. Some members of Congress must have missed that lesson, because they are now trying to gut the laws that keep us from extinction. One proposal for example would take way water that was supposed to be used to save the most endangered salmon runs. Now that’s getting personal, and that’s why I’m asking for your help.

After taking action, you can read more about me in the Earthjustice features Exhilaration as Dam Falls on Rogue River, Salmon Protection in the Northwest and Salmon Return to Columbia-Snake. And don't forget: Earthjustice's blog, unEARTHED will keep you updated on all the latest in salmon news.

* In case you're wondering why you can still buy tasty fillets of us in your supermarkets, it's because those fish are actually either farmed or from places like Alaska and Norway where our cousins seem to be doing better.

The Salmon.
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A stream near you

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We're sending 37,000 letters to Congress—1,000 letters for every year the ESA has been around—telling them what we think about their attacks on the ESA. Have you sent in your letter yet? No? Well, Earthjustice will show you how.

Save MY Skin!
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I'd be a fish out of water in court or on Capitol Hill—literally! So, please, help
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My Life.
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Things I Like:

NPR 2011 State of the Union Speech wordle.Being the biggest word on a wordle (You can even still read it in that tiny thumbnail!)


Salmon-Challis National ForestSalmon-Challis National Forest (Great name!)


No dams, please.Dam removals
(Dams = Salmon-killers)

Things I Hate:

Being extinct.


Photo of beaver.Beavers
(The original engineer. They make the good kind of dams.)