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Save Our Skins: Congress v. The Environment

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This campaign is brought to you by:Gray Wolf Salmon Polar Bear

The Endangered Species Act is under attack.
From Congress.
Politicians are risking the future of wolves, salmon, polar bears and more. Like any self-respecting member of the digital age, these animals are standing up for themselves by channeling the power of the Internet.

Join us in sending 37,000 letters to Congress, telling them that we oppose these attacks on the ESA. Act now!

Save Our Skins. (From Congress!!)
Gray Wolf.

The Wolf

(Chicks dig my howl.)
Real Name: Canis lupus
Hometown: Northern Rocky Mountains
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The Salmon

Damn those dams...
Gimme my water back!
Real Name: Salmonidae
Hometown: A stream near you
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Polar Bear.

The Polar Bear

Out for a 200 hour swim.
(My, it's getting warm up here.)
Real Name: Ursus maritimus
Hometown: Arctic
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