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July 17, 2017 | Legal Document

Brief Of Dakota Access, LLC Regarding Remedy

To decide on a remedy in a case like this, the Court balances the overall equities and considers the practicality of alternatives. Both underlying factors—whether the deficiencies warranting remand are serious and the disruptive consequences of vacatur—strongly favor allowing the Dakota Access Pipeline (“DAPL”) to continue operating during remand.

July 17, 2017 | Legal Document

Red Snapper Rec Season Challenge

Plaintiffs Ocean Conservancy and Environmental Defense Fund on behalf of their adversely affected members hereby challenge the unlawful decision of the National Marine Fisheries Service (“Fisheries Service” or “Defendants”) to promulgate and issue a Temporary Rule reopening the Gulf of Mexico private angler red snapper season and extending the season from three to 42 days, despite finding that the action will substantially exceed the annual catch limit set for the “private recreational sector” 

July 16, 2017 | In the News: The Daily Sentinel

Arch Coal At Crossroads In Review

Looking every bit as comfortable in hiking gear as he might be in courtroom attire, attorney Ted Zukoski of the conservation group Earthjustice led a group of environmentalists deep into the Gunnison National Forest east of Paonia on a sunny late-June day.

July 14, 2017 | Blog Post

The Latest State to Buck Trump on Paris: Colorado

With Colorado committing to the Paris Agreement, Earthjustice attorney Michael Hiatt highlights four reasons why clean energy in the state is poised for significant growth.

July 14, 2017 | In the News: Tampa Bay Times

Auditors Find Millions In 'Questionable Costs' At Water District, But Will It Matter?

Tania Galloni, Managing Attorney, Earthjustice: We are starting to see the effects of when you gut budgets and get rid of expertise in these institutions. Lo and behold, it makes these districts not function the way they are supposed to. Our waters statewide are in peril, and the water management districts are supposed to be the stewards of these resources but, there's no question, they're breaking down.


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