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Save Our Skins: Congress v. The Environment : The Gray Wolf

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Save Our Skins. (We know you want to.)
Gray Wolf.

The Wolf

(Chicks dig my howl.)

The Salmon

Damn those dams...
Gimme my water back!
Polar Bear.

The Polar Bear

Out for a 200 hour swim.
(My, it's getting warm up here.)

How do you spell "AWESOME" in four letters? W-O-L-F.

I dominate the fairy tale market. I'm on every black t-shirt howling at the moon. And all those dogs you spend hours walking and picking up after? Guess who they're descended from? That's right, I'm your dog's daddy.

But if I'm such a rock star, why is Congress trying to gut the laws that keep me from extinction? Scientists say my pack is still fragile. But these politicians don't seem to care much for science. They wanna give people a license to put me and my pups down, and they're not fighting fair.

Even a Lone Wolf knows when it's time to call on his pack. Without help, I don't stand a chance. So, I'll make you a deal—you tell Congress to stop rewriting the rules, and I'll continue to be awesome.

Save MY Skin!

You can help. Follow me on Twitter @WolfSOS and tell your friends join the pack. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWL!

Congress and Me: A Tragic Tale.

We wolves used to roam across much of the United States, from the forests of New England all the way to the Pacific Coast. But a century of trapping, hunting, and poisoning nearly wiped us off the map.

By 1980, only pockets of survivors and few stragglers remained—we were facing extinction. That was when humans decided maybe there was some value to keeping wolves around.

Gray wolf reintroduction. They began reintroducing us to Yellowstone and central Idaho in 1995, and our steady recovery became one of the most successful stories of wildlife reintroduction in America. Although we were not out of woods yet (figuratively speaking of course, since I love the woods), my gray wolf brethren at least had a fighting chance to recover.

Now all of that is about to change. Hostile forces in Congress are working to knock me off the Endangered Species List for good, and if that happens, wolves will start getting slaughtered again. They know that most Americans support protecting animals like me under the Endangered Species Act, so they’re trying to go behind your back by sneaking the riders into a budget bill. And that makes me howling mad …

I need you to join my pack. Head on over to my very own Earthjustice campaign page, Wolves in Danger, where you can watch more videos and learn about the fight to save me in an interactive timeline. And read recent news about me on unEARTHED, Earthjustice's blog.

Do it for Wolf.

Gray Wolf.
Real Name:

Canis lupus


Northern Rocky Mountains

Show me some love:

Help a wolf out? We're sending 37,000 letters to Congress—1,000 letters for every year the ESA has been around—telling them not to take me off the Endangered Species list. We want your name on one of those letters. Give them a howl. Tell them Wolf sent you.

Save MY Skin!
Support Us!

Let's face it—I can't just trot into a courtroom or a briefing on Capitol Hill.
So, please, help my human friends at Earthjustice fight on my behalf!
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