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2013 Ambassador Photo Post: 

This is my 19-month-old daughter. She means everything to me. To my family and me, making a difference in changing the way we live and how we impact our environment is of paramount importance.

Clean Air Ambassador | Aventura, Florida

Asa Sealy

I am a father and entrepreneur. I know the value of money and the value of cost effectiveness. However, regardless of the actual real cost associated with implementing regulations on Big Industrial Plants, controlling their emissions needs to be done.

Having a society full of people with heart and respiratory issues does not make for a very productive nation. Clean air allows for a better quality of life. In other words, Clean Air = Healthier Life = More Productive.

Congress should support any act that pushes for a cleaner environment regardless of the cost. We as taxpayers are already burdened with paying for expenses we want nothing to do with. It is time that we pay for something worth our money: Investing in our health.

I am excited and humbled to be invited to this event, and unite with others for the greater cause and together let our voice be heard. And I’m not just here to represent myself, but all Caribbean Americans that have legally migrated to the United States and contribute as much as the other man to building the best country in the world.

It is time that we pay for something worth our money: Investing in our health.

50 States United For Healthy Air

Clean air should be a fundamental right. Air pollution causes asthma attacks, lung disease, and even death. But our bodies don't have to be the dumping ground for dirty industries.

The technology to dramatically reduce harmful air pollution is available today, and major polluters should be required to use it.

Clean Air Ambassadors from every state are sending a powerful message: Everyone has a right to breathe clean, healthy air.

It’s time Congress and the EPA used their ears to help our lungs.