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2013 Ambassador Photo Post: 

Climate change, driven by the incessant burning of coal, oil and other dirty fuels, is fueling an increase in extreme weather events—bigger hurricanes, heavier rainstorms and severe flooding, for example. We’ve got to kick our addictions to dirty energy—go green and save the climate!

Clean Air Ambassador | Sanford, Florida

Victor Sanchez

Clean air is important because it helps keep a body healthy and happy. You need to breathe to stay alive. If you breathe dirty air, you are more likely to develop health problems and become ill. The EPA projects that the Clean Air Act amendments will prevent over 230,000 early deaths in 2020. President Obama said: "We must do more to combat climate change". They must act soon.

When I get to D.C., I will tell my Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio to defend clean air and protect the health of our children.

Clean air is essential for our lives and the future of our children. It is time to go green and save the climate!

It is time to go green and save the climate!

50 States United For Healthy Air

Clean air should be a fundamental right. Air pollution causes asthma attacks, lung disease, and even death. But our bodies don't have to be the dumping ground for dirty industries.

The technology to dramatically reduce harmful air pollution is available today, and major polluters should be required to use it.

Clean Air Ambassadors from every state are sending a powerful message: Everyone has a right to breathe clean, healthy air.

It’s time Congress and the EPA used their ears to help our lungs.