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300 reported oil spills
in the Gulf of Mexico
in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida

Every single one of these oil spills started with a lease sale.

The Biden administration has offered for sale more than 80 million acres of offshore drilling leases to the fossil fuel industry.

How big is 80 million acres?
Twice the total area of Florida

Oil from this lease sale will take 15 years before the first gallons reach gas pumps — while locking us in to decades of continued dependence on dirty fossil fuels.

To fight climate change, we can no longer expand fossil fuel development in the present.

Join us in telling the Biden administration to overhaul the federal fossil fuel program and end new fossil fuel leasing.

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Dr. Sarah G. Allen Senior Science Advisor, U. S. National Park Service (ret.)
Lou Allstadt Former Executive Vice President, Mobil Oil
Steve Bodow Television Writer and Producer
Megan Boone
Scott Borden
Heidi Brant Co-Founder, Human Things
Paloma Cain Citizen; Parent; Educator
Aaron D. Clark Board Chair, Cuyamaca Foundation 
Sarah Clarke Actress; Parent; Concerned Citizen
Megan G. Colwell Citizen
Ashlan Cousteau Journalist and Ocean Advocate
Philippe Cousteau Founder, EarthEcho International
Liz Dean Liz Dean Casting; Parent; Citizen
Sally DeSipio
Shepard Fairey Artist - Obey Giant Art / Studio Number One
Diana Fisher Parent
Jean Flemma Director, Ocean Defense Initiative
Bernard Friedman Managing Director, Immunova LLC; Parent; Citizen
Liberty Godshall Actor; Television Writer; Producer
K.D. Hallman
Kerry Hoffman
Eliza Howard Citizen; Parent; Designer
Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson Co-founder, Urban Ocean Lab
Sabs Katz Co-Founder of Intersectional Environmentalist
Sue Klem
Rachel Knowles Writer
Dr. Jack Kornfield Founder, Spirit Rock Center
Sara Lamm
Frank Lesher EVP and General Counsel, Sony (ret.)
Diandra Marizet Executive Director of Intersectional Environmentalist
Don L. Neubacher Former Superintendent at Yosemite NP and Point Reyes NS; Board Member, Public Lands Conservancy

FAQ on fossil fuel leasing | About Lease Sale 257

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