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Host an Event

Transform concern into action, and build community and power.

Hosting your own event about Earthjustice gives people the space to meet each other, talk about the issues at stake, and meaningfully connect. (See types of events you can host.)

This is your opportunity to celebrate and share your passion with your friends — and to get them as inspired and excited as you about why the earth needs a good lawyer.

By introducing your friends and networks to Earthjustice, you'll be supporting our work and providing reassurance to your friends that, above the turmoil of the daily news, Earthjustice's 130 environmental attorneys are working in courts throughout the country — and winning, on the facts and the law — on behalf of hundreds of public-interest clients.

Support from individuals like you and your network allows us to expand our efforts to protect people’s health, preserve magnificent places and wildlife, advance clean energy, and combat climate change.

Your event helps Earthjustice by:

  • Spreading awareness and raising our organization’s profile among new audiences who can in turn share our mission with their own networks.
  • Converting your guests into donors and activists who will contribute to the health and stability of Earthjustice.
  • Saving Earthjustice critical funds by donating your time and space for an event, allowing these funds to go directly to our work to protect wildlife and wildlands, healthy communities, and the climate.

This toolkit contains resources to help make your gathering a success:

For before your event

  • FAQ: Getting Started Questions about what hosting an event means? We've got answers.
  • Planning Guide A step-by-step guide, with checklists and tips, for hosting a event.
  • Materials Kit From Earthjustice magazines to gavel pencils, request Earthjustice products to help your guests get to know us better.
  • Disclaimers Important notice regarding public representation of Earthjustice and photo submissions.

For during your event

  • Discussion Guide A framework to help start and guide the conversation at your event.

For after your event

  • The Event Report We want to hear from you! Let us know how your event went.

Thank you for your generous support. Together, we can ensure protection of our clean air, clean water, and communities. We look forward to hearing about your event, and hope you have a great time.

Pre-Event Resource
FAQ: Getting Started
Why should I host an event?

These gatherings are an opportunity to bring together people you know in a safe space where you can learn about, discuss, and take action on the issues that Earthjustice is working on or the issues that you care about.

When you host your event for Earthjustice, you provide an important platform for spreading awareness about our work to protect the environment and healthy communities.

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What kind of events can I host?

Your gathering can be tailored to the amount of time you have available and to the interests of your friends and networks. Different types of events that Earthjustice supporters have organized have included:

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Does this event have to be held in a residence?

It does not! It can be any place that people can gather, though we recommend a private space to ensure that people are able to speak freely. If you choose to rent a venue, you will be responsible for the cost. Opening your home for any kind of event opens you up to liability, so please make sure that you have the appropriate insurance coverage.

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What is my responsibility as an event host?

Finding a venue, creating a guest list and inviting guests, providing refreshments, and leading the discussion with the help of the Discussion Guide.

You are welcome to invite a friend or family member to play the role of discussion leader, or to share that role with you. You are also responsible for collecting and sending to Earthjustice any donations that are not made online.

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How will Earthjustice staff help me plan my event?

This toolkit provides you with the resources you need to host an event for Earthjustice, including a Planning Guide and Discussion Guide.

Earthjustice can also send you a personalized Materials Kit if you would like to have Earthjustice brochures, reports, or products on hand during your event. You will need to request these materials 3–4 weeks in advance of your event to allow time for assembly and postal delivery. Quantity of materials is subject to availability.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at, to talk through the details of your event.

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Can my event raise funds for Earthjustice?

Yes — we hope you will consider it! Every single dollar counts, and you can make a difference no matter the size of the gift.

Earthjustice is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and all gifts are tax-deductible. Our tax ID number is 94-1730465.

Donations can be made securely online at our website at Earthjustice has received the highest rating from Charity Navigator for eleven years in a row, in recognition of our fiscal responsibility, accountability, and transparency.

You will receive donation envelopes in your materials kit, if any of your guests wants to send in a check. Please request donation envelopes as part of your Materials Kit.

Individuals can also support Earthjustice through many of other methods, including becoming a monthly supporter, making gifts in honor of friends and family, employer matching, legacy bequests, charitable gift annuities, and more.

Earthjustice will send acknowledgments and membership cards to guests who make gifts of $15 or more, as $15 is the minimum donation for membership to Earthjustice. Members will also receive a one-year subscription to the Earthjustice Quarterly print magazine. Members can customize their mailing preferences at any time.

All donation amounts are accepted and appreciated. We apologize we are unable to send individual acknowledgments for aggregated contributions — we are grateful for your support. If you have questions, please let us know!

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I don’t quite feel confident speaking about Earthjustice’s mission and work.

You do not have to have all the answers!

You won't be expected to be an expert on every aspect of Earthjustice’s work — your event is an opportunity for you and your network to engage in productive discussion around how the work impacts you, what you care most about fighting for, and how you want to engage with this work. Our Discussion Guide suggests open-ended questions for conversation starters.

If your event results in questions about Earthjustice’s work, that’s great. We will help to answer those questions after the event so you can follow up with your guests. Please include those questions — and any you may have yourself — in your Event Report.

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Will Earthjustice promote or manage my event?

No. We apologize that we are unable to promote or manage individual events.

We encourage you to reach out to your network to let them know about your event, and buddying with co-hosts to manage various parts of your event, such as invitations and the RSVP lists. See more tips in our Planning Guide.

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Pre-Event Resource
The Planning Guide

These steps are intended to be a general outline for hosting an event. We encourage you to adapt this guide to fit your needs.

3–4 weeks before your event

Step 1
If you’d like, identify one or two other people to co-host.
Step 2
Select a date, time, and location.

As you plan, some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Are many of your guests parents of young children? State whether your event is child-friendly and be mindful of your event end time so that parents can get home.
  • Your guests may want to talk about their views in a space that feels comfortable and safe. It is best to host these kinds of events in a private space.
  • Is your home or event space accessible? Consider parking, wheelchair accessibility, acoustics, and nearby public transit options.

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Step 3
Set goals.

What you would like to achieve through this event? Your goals can be anything you want and could include:

  • How many people would you like to see attend?
  • The kinds of actions you want to take with your guests.
  • If this is a fundraising event, establish a clear objective for your guests. For example, are you intending to recruit a specific number of members or reach a financial goal?
    • If you plan to fundraise at the event, consider stating that information on your invitations so your guests know what to expect.
    • Matching or challenge gifts are a great way to motivate others to give by increasing the value of donations at your event. This creates urgency and a value proposition that can be compelling.

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Step 4
Develop your invitation list.

Think of all the people that you and any co-hosts know who might be interested to come to the party, because you are asking them to come or because you know they are passionate about the environment and issues that Earthjustice works on.

  • The ideal guest list will include a mix of civically engaged friends and people who may not yet be as engaged in the issues but who are open to learning.
  • Invite many more people than you actually want to attend. Many will not be able to attend and some of those who RSVP may not end up being able to attend.
  • Invite a variety of people who do not all know each other.
  • To reach a fundraising goal, consider those in your network you know to be financially supportive of other nonprofits, those who might be inclined to support the mission of Earthjustice, or those whose careers or other means may mean they have the capacity to donate.

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Invite guests!

Knowing your people and how best to communicate with them is crucial to a good turnout. You can use a combination of e-mail and mail invitations, phone calls, and even text messages to get the word out.

  • Collect all RSVPs in one location for ease of management.
  • Websites that are often used for designing, sending, and tracking both mail and email invitations: Paperless Post, Minted, Evite, Facebook Events.
  • If your event is a fundraiser, be clear in the invitation that donations will be requested and appreciated. You can include a donation link in the invitation so those who cannot attend still have a chance to support you and Earthjustice.
  • If you are able to provide a matching challenge, be sure to broadcast your match in the invitation.
  • If you will be providing refreshments, the RSVP is a good place to ask about dietary restrictions.

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Step 5
Request Earthjustice materials.

If you'd like a personalized kit of Earthjustice printed publications or products to offer at your event, please submit a Materials Kit order at least three weeks prior to your event.

2 weeks before your event

Step 6
Review RSVPs. Send reminders.
  • Gather together RSVPs to review the list of who is attending.
  • Send a friendly reminder to guests who have RSVP’d telling them you are excited to share this opportunity with them and reminding them of the time and location. You may also want to include a dress code, directions to the event, and nearby public transit options.
  • Call or send a gentle reminder invitation to those who have not responded.
  • Make a list of those who cannot attend, to follow up with after the event.

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Step 7
Determine role(s) at the party.
  • Determine who among you and your co-host or friends will set up, check in guests, arrange food and drinks, facilitate the discussion, clean up, etc.
  • Decide how and when you'll deliver your pitch for why you choose to support Earthjustice, and what you like about Earthjustice. Practice your pitch!
  • If this is a fundraising event, decide how and when you will ask for donations.

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1 week before your event

  • Get your house or venue ready.
  • Purchase any needed supplies, including refreshments, cups/plates/utensils, and name tags. (If most people will not know each other, having nametags available may be appreciated by your guests.)
  • Print out sign-in sheets, if using. You are welcome to download our template (PDF and Word versions available), which can double as a sign-up for Earthjustice's email list.
  • Send a friendly reminder e-mail to your RSVP list that the event is coming up. Reiterate time, date, location, and any other important event details.

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Day of your event

Step 8
Host your event!

Your event is a great first step toward building community and power, so people can turn their concerns into action. Give people space to meet each other, talk to one another, and connect — and make sure to have fun yourself!

Prior to the start of the event:

  • Prepare your venue for guests.
  • Rehearse the flow of your event with any co-hosts or helpers.
  • Set out name tags, pens, and sign-in sheets, if you are using them, in an easy-to-access location.
  • If you are serving refreshments, set out food and drink. Set out bins to collect recycling, compost, and trash, as needed.

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At the beginning the event:

  • Leave time to mingle at the start of your event, to allow for late arrivals. Begin the program when there is a critical mass of people.
  • Remind guests that the gathering should be a safe space for people to discuss their views, so ask that guests not to record the gathering or reveal what others said, and to obtain permission before taking photos or posting to social media.

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During the event:

  • Introduce people to one another and encourage mingling.
  • Join in the discussion, either as a facilitator or as a participant. See our Discussion Guide.
  • Deliver your pitch: Share your passion for Earthjustice, and why you personally choose to invest in Earthjustice
  • Remind your guests they can sign up for our email list, take home materials with them to learn more about Earthjustice on their own time, and sign up for our text-to-action campaign by texting JUSTICE to 52886.
  • Enjoy yourself, and have a good time!

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Closing the event:

  • Ask your guests for feedback — what did they think of the discussion? Do they have ideas for future gatherings?
  • Thank your guests for attending!
  • Congratulate yourself for throwing a great event!

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After your event

Step 9
Send thank you notes within the week.

Share appreciation for your guests' attendance. Let them know how their participation contributed to the event's success.

  • If your event is a fundraiser, circulate a link to Earthjustice’s donation page: and our Workplace Gift Matching lookup, to see if their employer will automatically match their contribution
  • Consider writing notes to friends who could not attend to share with them about the event and letting them know how they can be involved.
  • Remind your guests to visit for updates about how they can get involved.

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Step 10
Let us know how it went!

We appreciate your time and investment in hosting an event for us, and we want to hear all about it and how we can help you make the most of events in the future.

Send us a recap of your event through our online Event Report or email us at

  • If you used the sign-in sheet to collect signups for Earthjustice's email list, you can upload a photo or scan of it in your Event Report, or you can mail it to us, and we will make sure your guests are added to our email list: Earthjustice, Attn: Events Team, 50 California Street, Ste. 500, San Francisco, CA 94111.
  • We hope you'll consider making your event an annual or recurring gathering for your network or for new folks who might be interested in Earthjustice.

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Pre-Event Resource
Materials Kit
A selection of Earthjustice materials you can offer at your event: Calendar, coaster, Earthjustice Quarterly Magazine issues, bumper sticker, annual report, gavel pencils.
Martin do Nascimento / Earthjustice
A selection of Earthjustice materials you can offer at your event: Calendar of victories for the earth, cork coaster, Earthjustice Quarterly Magazine issues, bumper sticker, annual report, gavel pencils, and more.

If you would like to offer Earthjustice materials at your event for your guests to get to know us better, we would be pleased to send you a customized kit.

Materials that can be ordered (subject to availability):

  • Publications: Annual report, welcome brochure, legal victory pamphlet, issues of the Earthjustice Quarterly Magazine
  • Fun products: Earthjustice bumper sticker, gavel pencil, grizzly paw coaster
  • Donation envelopes: For supporters who give by check

Please place your order 3–4 weeks before your event, to allow time for packaging and shipping. If you have any questions about materials, please contact us at

Submit order for Earthjustice materials

Digital resources to learn about Earthjustice and our work can be found at our website, including:

Pre-Event Resource

Prior to hosting your event, please read the two important disclaimers below on public representation and photography.

Regarding public representation of Earthjustice:

As an event host, you may not bind or obligate Earthjustice to any third party, and you shall not lead any third party to believe that you have such authority.

You shall not hold yourself out as an authorized representative of Earthjustice, including, without limitation, communicating with the media, issuing written statements or delivering oral statements, using Earthjustice trademarks in any manner or otherwise associating you with Earthjustice names or trademarks in any misleading manner. You may use the Earthjustice name for the limited purpose of inviting others to attend the event.

More than ever, it is important that Earthjustice maintains one clear voice on our views as an organization. Although we have provided you with a toolkit, and there is a lot of information online, sometimes people interpret that in different ways.

Therefore, we ask that as a host, you clearly understand and communicate that you are representing yourself and not Earthjustice. Additionally, please do not use the Earthjustice logo in any capacity other than the materials provided to you by staff. This includes not using the logo on your invitations. You may use language such as, “An Event to Discuss the Work of Earthjustice”. When in doubt, please contact Earthjustice at Thank you for your help to protect Earthjustice’s work.

If you choose to share photos of your event with Earthjustice, you agree to the following:

“In consideration of photos taken and shared with Earthjustice at any hosted event, I hereby irrevocably grant the Earthjustice and its assigns, licensees and successors, the royalty-free right to use my image, name, likeness, and voice in all media, now known or hereafter devised, throughout the universe in perpetuity and in connection with, but not limited to, public education, advocacy, advertising, publicity, promotion, business, or any other lawful purpose whatsoever without any further compensation or consideration whatsoever; and waive any right to inspect or approve such use. I release Earthjustice and its assigns, licensees and successors from any and all liability that may arise in connection with the use of their image, name, likeness, or voice including, but not limited to, any claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or infringement of moral rights, rights of publicity or copyright. Earthjustice is not obligated to utilize any of the rights granted hereby.”

During Your Event
Discussion Guide
An event held for Earthjustice in Northern California, on June 4, 2019.
Nick Wolf / Earthjustice
At an event held for Earthjustice in Northern California, on June 4, 2019.

We suggest a four-part discussion, outlined below, to help frame the conversation at your event. We encourage you to adapt this guide to fit your event and your guests' interests.

Note Earthjustice is a nonpartisan public-interest law organization and does not endorse candidates for elected office.

Regardless of who holds the office of President of the United States, Earthjustice will engage in advocacy and litigation that advances the protection of the environment and healthy communities.

Bulleted points are suggested points for you or your designated moderator (you or someone else who has agreed to the role in advance) to use to prompt discussion and provide context. Italicized questions are prompts for discussion amongst your guests.

Depending on the size of your event, you may want to go around the room and allow everybody an opportunity to answer each question, you may want to ask just a few people who have thoughts to share with the full group, or you may want to allow guests to break into smaller groups, pairs, or triads to discuss the prompts. If guests discuss in small groups, pairs, or triads, you may want to invite a few people to report on their discussions.


We encourage you to begin by sharing why you are hosting this party, what drew you to Earthjustice, and what Earthjustice does.

  • You can start off with explaining what Earthjustice does:

    "Earthjustice uses the power of the law to fight back against attacks on our health, our environment, and our democracy. Earthjustice pursues more than 600 active legal proceedings and provides free legal representation to hundreds of citizens’ groups across the country as they fight to preserve irreplaceable wild places and wildlife, defend everyone’s right to a healthy environment, combat climate change, and advance clean energy. With an administration dominated by anti-environment forces, the courts have never been more important."

    "Whether it's protecting our national monuments from attack by the oil and gas industry, representing tribal nations as they fight to protect their rights and their land, ensuring the survival of wild grizzly and wolf populations, holding the government accountable for chemicals in our homes and products, or pushing for clean energy growth, Earthjustice knows that a win for their clients is a win for all of us."
  • Share your personal connection to Earthjustice: "I chose Earthjustice to highlight at this event, because ..."
  • If you have invited people from various aspects of your life (friends, family, neighbors, colleagues), then it is likely that not everybody knows each other. Even if you have given the group time to mix and mingle before the discussion, it is usually good to take a few minutes to go around and allow everybody to introduce themselves.

Ask your guests: An icebreaker prompt can help guests feel more comfortable opening up about their concerns about the environment.

  • "What is the one environmental issue you are most concerned about right now?"
  • "What is the one thing that is keeping you most inspired to work toward environmental justice right now?"
Earthjustice is fighting to protect the environment.

Earthjustice attorneys have filed more than 120 lawsuits to defend the environment and public health against the administration's attempts to weaken protections. Learn more about each of the lawsuits at Overruling Trump.

Additionally, the special report, Two Years of Overruling Trump, published on the second anniversary of President Trump's inauguration, explains how the administration's efforts to weaken environmental regulations have been defeated in court, time after time.

  • Brief overview of the current administration’s most concerning policy proposals

Ask your guests:

  • "What issues concern you most, and why?"

Possible areas of discussion:

  • Delays or weakening of environmental regulations by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Shutting down coal, oil, and gas; and promoting clean energy
  • Protecting our public lands from oil and gas drilling and fossil fuel exploration
  • Protecting endangered species from poor management plans on land and in the ocean
The Path Forward

Earthjustice is responding to attacks on the environment and our communities in several ways:

Ask your guests:

  • "Where do you see yourself in the work that lies ahead?"
  • "How would you like to be engaged with Earthjustice?"

Your guests can support Earthjustice's work in different ways:

Ask your guests:

  • "Can you commit to one of these things right now?"

Thank your guests for coming and taking the time to participate. If this is a fundraising event, make sure collect any donations.

Encourage guests to continue to mingle and discuss the issues, if there is time still left at the end of your event.

After Your Event
The Event Report

Please let us know how your event went! We would like to hear all about your event — from what you enjoyed most, to any questions you have for us.

Please use the Event Report below, or email us at

Start event report!

We always like to see photos from our supporters’ events! If you would like to share photos of your event with us, please upload your photos to us. You can also tag us (@earthjustice) on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Please make sure you have have read the photo release disclaimer, and obtained permission from your guests before sharing any photos.

We are grateful for your support. Thank you. 

If you have additional questions about hosting an event, we're here to help! Please contact us at

Earthjustice Event Toolkit