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How’s the Biden Administration Doing on the Climate Crisis?

Earthjustice’s attorneys and policy experts rated the administration's progress.

Biden's Climate Scorecard: green dot = major progress, yellow dot = some progress, red dot = little / no progress
(Samantha Lee / Earthjustice)

The Biden administration has made bold commitments on climate and environmental justice. Halfway through the first term, we’re holding the administration accountable for keeping those promises. Earthjustice’s attorneys and policy experts rated the Biden administration’s progress on goals that the U.S. must achieve — and soon — if we want to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. The verdict: Though there are reasons to celebrate, the administration still has much work to do in this first term.

Check out the scorecard below to see the policy areas where the Biden administration is already moving us toward a just and sustainable future — and the ones where the administration needs a push.



Accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels

Little / No progress

End new oil and gas leasing and reject coal lease renewals on federal land red dot: little / no progress
Stop a massive fossil fuel infrastructure buildout, including exports and pipelines red dot: little / no progress
Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling yellow dot: some progress
Reject the Willow project in the Western Arctic red dot: little / no progress
Stop taxpayer dollars from going to fossil fuel lifelines like petrochemicals, carbon capture, and dirty hydrogen red dot: little / no progress
Regulate energy intensive industries like proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining red dot: little / no progress

Move towards zero-emissions and 100% clean energy

Some progress

Invest big in clean energy and electrification green dot: major progress
Accelerate transmission infrastructure in an equitable way yellow dot: some progress
Fill the vacancy at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission red dot: little / no progress
Secure strong energy efficiency standards yellow dot: some progress
Electrify the U.S. Postal Service green dot: major progress

Advance just and equitable climate solutions

Some progress

Direct 40% of climate investment benefits to the communities most impacted by pollution yellow dot: some progress
Make sure frontline communities have a say in projects that impact their health and well-being red dot: little / no progress
Defend Tribal sovereignty, respect treaty rights, and improve consultation yellow dot: some progress

Change the way we use land to be a part of the solution

Some progress

Protect forests that absorb climate pollution yellow dot: some progress
Invest in climate-friendly agriculture resources for farmers green dot: major progress
Ensure bioenergy initiatives provide real climate benefits yellow dot: some progress

Strengthen health and environmental protections

Some progress

Clean up coal ash green dot: major progress
Strengthen methane pollution standards for the oil and gas industry yellow dot: some progress
Strengthen soot and smog pollution standards red dot: little / no progress
Cut carbon and hazardous air pollution from power plants red dot: little / no progress