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Caution: Crude-by-Rail Crossing

In this Down to Earth episode, attorney Kristen Boyles discusses the fight to stop the expansion of crude-by-rail projects, which use trains to transport crude oil to facilities that then export it across the United States and internationally. Crude-by-rail has been around for some time, but it is now receiving increased scrutiny due to a series of train accidents that have resulted in loss of life and leveled entire towns.

Crude-by-rail, which involves trains carrying millions of gallons of crude oil across the country, has increased dramatically due to increased fracking in North Dakota and Canada. These mile to mile-and-a-half long trains of a 100 to 120 tank cars are filled with highly explosive and flammable crude oil. Accidents and explosions has concerned communities fighting back against crude-by-rail proposals. Earthjustice, on behalf of communities and conservation groups, is fighting for the right of communities to stop these projects, which endanger public health and the environment.

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