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Trump Gutted Clean Car Standards. Biden Must Make Them Stronger Than Ever.

When the Obama administration introduced the first clean car standards in 2012, they were the most significant climate rules in U.S. history. Eight years later, the Trump administration, siding with the fossil fuel industry, gutted the Obama-era rule. Now, the Biden administration has a chance to restore and strengthen the nation's clean car standards.

Tell the Environmental Protection Agency you want strong clean car standards:

Why are clean car standards important?

What is the Biden administration doing?

What is Earthjustice doing to advance clean car standards?

How can you help?

The Environmental Protection Agency needs to know you support these measures to reduce our nation's climate pollution:

  1. Restoring national standards at least to levels set during the Obama-Biden administration;
  2. Establishing a 2030 standard that achieves fleet average greenhouse gas emissions 60% or more below today’s average;
  3. Putting the nation on a trajectory to make all new cars and light-duty trucks zero-emission vehicles no later than 2035; and
  4. Ensuring all new trucks and buses are zero-emission no later than 2040.
Photo from the perspective of a backseat passenger in an electric car driving through Holland Tunnel in New York City.

Clean car standards are a critical step toward a zero-emissions transportation sector. Learn more.