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Power to the People: Conversations on Bold, Equitable, and Just Climate Solutions

A virtual climate week event series
Power to the People virtual climate week event series - You're Invited

Earthjustice and the Climate Group are partnering to showcase bold and equitable climate policy solutions as part of the event program for Climate Week NYC 2022. Hosted annually in conjunction with the United Nations, and in partnership with the COP27 and the City of New York, Climate Week NYC is a global opportunity to come together to accelerate climate action and assess progress ahead of COP27. The theme this year is “Getting it Done,” with a focus on fulfilling and increasing commitments made by businesses, governments, and organizations.

As the Official Policy Program Partner for Climate Week NYC 2022, Earthjustice is hosting two virtual events.

Questions? Contact Coretta Anderson, Senior Manager, Influencer Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Earthjustice.

Building a Just Climate Future: Progress and Possibilities
September 19, 2022
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The Path to Climate Justice in the Gulf
September 23, 2022
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Building a Just Climate Future: Progress and Possibilities

Monday, September 19, 2022

The climate crisis harms everyone, but its burdens are not shared equally. Communities of color, low-income communities, tribal and indigenous communities are on the frontlines of fossil fuel pollution and climate impacts. That’s why environmental justice organizations and national environmental groups came together in 2019 to develop the Equitable & Just National Climate Platform, a roadmap for holistic climate solutions that advance economic, racial, and social justice. This historic partnership has centered environmental justice in the national climate conversation and helped secure a commitment from President Biden to deliver 40% of the benefits of climate investments to disadvantaged communities.

As we mark the three-year anniversary of the platform and approach the halfway mark of President Biden’s first term, this panel explored the progress that has been made and what’s next in the fight for a just climate future.


  • Jill Tauber (host and moderator), Vice President of Litigation for Climate & Energy, Earthjustice
  • Michele Roberts, National Co-Coordinator, Environmental Justice Health Alliance
  • Ansha Zaman, Federal Policy Director, Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy
  • Cathleen Kelly, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

The Path to Climate Justice in the Gulf

Friday, September 23, 2022

For far too long, the fossil fuel industry and its political allies have sacrificed Gulf Coast communities for the sake of polluter profits. These communities are on the frontlines of toxic pollution and the devastating impacts of the climate crisis — and they are leading the fight for a just and equitable clean energy transition.

Now, the region is at a turning point. While the Inflation Reduction Act provides opportunities to direct significant investments in clean energy, pollution clean-up, and environmental justice in the Gulf, much of the opportunities are overshadowed by the dangerous giveaways to the fossil fuel industry. Investments in fossil fuels and false solutions for a clean energy future threaten to undermine our clean energy transition and burden Gulf Coast communities with even more toxic pollution. And nearly halfway through President Biden’s first term, his administration has much more work to do to align its decisions on fossil fuel development with its climate and environmental justice commitments.

This panel explored what the Biden administration, Congress, environmental advocates, and grassroots leaders must do next to address the fossil fuel industry’s harms and ensure that Gulf communities are not left behind in the clean energy transition.


  • Drew Caputo (host and moderator), Vice President of Litigation for Lands, Wildlife & Oceans, Earthjustice
  • Cynthia Sarthou, Executive Director, Healthy Gulf
  • Colette Pichon Battle, Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy