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Mar. 30, 2021

The Biden-Harris Administration & The Environment

Many of the illegal, devastating attacks on the environment from the previous administration can be remedied. And the Biden-Harris administration has begun the long, hard work to do so.

Environmental Agency Actions for Review

President Biden has issued a list of more than 100 environmental actions planned for review. Earthjustice has active litigation on most of those actions. A few highlights are below. (See the full list and what happens next with our litigation.)

Expert Commentary

Legal and policy experts at Earthjustice explain the environmental impact of the election for the White House and Capitol Hill.

The Presidential Cabinet

On ConfirmationHaaland was confirmed as Interior Secretary on Mar. 15. Garland was confirmed as Attorney General and Regan as EPA Administrator on Mar. 10. Granholm was confirmed as Energy Secretary on Feb. 25.

Secretaries and their agencies will review a wide swath of the previous administration’s environmental rule changes and rollbacks, in accordance with recent executive orders. Learn about some of the nominees.

Take Action

Your voice matters! With these important actions, you can join us in holding the administration accountable to their promise to build a just, equitable future.