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2022 Voting Guide

Election Day was Nov. 8. I voted.

It was a midterm election. All 435 House seats, 34 Senate seats, governors of 36 states and three U.S. territories, and many city mayors, state representatives, and state and local measures were up for your vote.

How can I check if my vote-by-mail ballot was received?

Track your ballot’s status online, in most states. Here’s how.

You may be able to track the status of your vote-by-mail ballot through a website or app. Some states and U.S. territories may also offer text or email alerts as your ballot is processed.

Voters in jurisdictions that have no ballot tracking systems can inquire on the status of their vote-by-mail ballot with their local election office.

When will we find out election results?

Two words: Be patient. Here’s why.

With the anticipated large number of mail-in ballots, election results are unlikely to be available as promptly as we’ve come to expect.

Some states begin counting mail-in ballots prior to Election Day and may have their results shortly after polls close.

But many may need days or weeks after Election Day before they are able to report results. In some jurisdictions, election officials are permitted to only begin counting ballots on Election Day.

Every vote matters.

A single vote can decide an election.

Elections, at all levels of government, can be extraordinarily close.

In 2020, only six votes separated the candidates in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District. In 2016, only 16 votes separated the top two primary candidates for Arizona's 5th Congressional district. (A recount later expanded the lead to 27 votes.) And, our nation's election history has seen many races determined by a single vote.

Your vote matters — and so do the votes of your family, neighbors, and friends. Vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8!

I have more questions.

Your state or local election office has answers.

Under the U.S. Constitution, federal and state elections are administered by local election offices. Each election office sets its own rules and provides its own voting information for their jurisdiction.

The right to vote is at the heart of our democracy. Vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8!

As you cast your vote, don’t let your friends get left behind.

Vote — and urge your family, friends, and neighbors to vote!