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Under the Cover of COVID

How the Trump Administration and Industry are Using the Pandemic to Further Attack the Environment and Public Health

As the country remains at a standstill due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration has been steadily working behind the scenes to ensure that industry can continue to profit off of people living in the United States.

In this live webinar and Q & A, held on April 21, Earthjustice leadership discuss how our attorneys are mounting a vigorous defense in the courts and on Capitol Hill during this pivotal moment in environmental protection. This briefing with Earthjustice supporters was moderated by Sam Sankar, senior vice president of programs.

Abigail Dillen.
Abigail Dillen President of Earthjustice
Patrice Simms
Patrice Simms Vice President, Healthy Communities
Jessica Ennis
Jessica Ennis Legislative Director of Climate and Energy
Gussie Lord
Gussie Lord Director of Tribal Partnerships
Sam Sankar
Sam Sankar Senior Vice President of Programs