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New York and Fracking

Parts of New York State sit upon the Marcellus Shale, a gas deposit the oil and gas industry has been heavily targeting in recent years.

In December 2014, New York became the first state with significant shale gas potential to announce that it would ban fracking. The state finalized the decision in June 2015, a conclusion that was reached after seven years of extensive study of the environmental and health impacts of fracking.

The New York fracking ban was a victory for New York residents, and the decision has inspired communities in other states who want to ban fracking. Earthjustice represented the town of Dryden, NY, in a local ban lawsuit, which helped pave the way for the wider state ban:

Did You Know?

The fracking ban in New York still stands and any legal challenges by the oil and gas industry hold little chance of success. With help from Earthjustice, New York’s victorious fractivists are now turning their attention to moving the state off fossil fuels entirely and fighting against fracked gas infrastructure projects.

Last Updated: September 29, 2015

The Fracked Fact Quiz

How many comments from the New York public were received on the final report on the potential impacts of fracking?
Fracking has reportedly drawn more scrutiny than any other environmental issue in New York. A final report on the potential impacts of fracking in the state drew 260,000 public comments, and 300 pages of the report were devoted to responding to those comments.

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