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Foundations That Support Us

Protecting fragile wilderness and endangered species takes a lot of resources, as does restoring ecosystems to health, clearing the air, and cleaning up waterways. Our successes would not be possible without the teamwork of many allied organizations. We are grateful to the following foundations for their partnership and support:

444S Foundation
Agua Fund of the Community Foundation of Collier County
Arntz Family Foundation
Aspenwood Foundation
Bancroft Foundation
Barrett Family Foundation
Beatrice R. and Joseph A. Coleman Foundation
Bernard F. & Alva B. Gimbel Foundation
Brainerd Foundation
Broad Reach Fund
Bullitt Foundation
Burning Foundation
CGMK Foundation
Campion Foundation
Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation
Climate Solutions
Climate Works
Conservation Alliance
David B. Gold Foundation
Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund
Driggers Foundation
Educational Foundation of America
Elizabeth Ordway Dunn Foundation
Energy Foundation
Environmental Health Fund
Firedoll Foundation
Google Developer Grants
Harder Foundation
Hewlett Foundation
Heinz Endowments
Horizons Foundation
John Merck Fund
Johnson Family Foundation
Keith Campbell Foundation
Kenney Brothers Foundation Kresge Foundation
LaSalle Adams Fund
Martin Fabert Foundation
Martin Foundation, Inc.
Mertz Gilmore Foundation
Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation
New York Community Trust
New-Land Foundation
New Venture Fund
Northern Environmental Support Trust
Oak Foundation
Park Foundation
Partnership Project
Passport Foundation
Patagonia, Inc.
Pew Charitable Trusts
Resources Legacy Fund
Robertson Foundation
Rockefeller Financial Services
Rose Foundation
Russell Family Foundation
Sandler Foundation
Save the Colorado Campaign
Scherman Foundation
Schmidt Family Foundation/11th Hour Project
Seattle Foundation
Sidney E. Frank Charitable Foundation
Steven C. Leuthold Family Foundation
Summit Fund of Washington
Town Creek Foundation
Turner Foundation
Underdog Fund of the Tides Foundation
Wallace Genetic Foundation
Westwind Foundation
Wilburforce Foundation
Wyss Foundation
Working Assets/CREDO Mobile