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James Balog

One of the largest members of the deer family, the sight of a full-grown bull moose can be intimidating! Sporting the largest antlers in the world, a moose can be more than six feet tall at the shoulder and weigh 1,800 pounds. Luckily, this herbivore is generally not aggressive or territorial towards humans unless it is provoked or separated from its calf. Given their imposing size, adult moose have few enemies except for wolves and grizzlies.

Climate Change Impacts

Warming temperatures have led to an explosion of white-tailed deer population in northern Minnesota, which carry a parasitic worm that is deadly to moose. The worm damages the moose’s central nervous system, leaving it weak, disoriented and susceptible to predation. Global warming is also allowing dog ticks to expand northward in Maine, which hurts the moose population of the Northeast.