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Mountain Heroes: Edward Norton

Edward Norton: My Mountain Story

Edward Norton is a critically acclaimed and award-winning actor, screenwriter, director, and filmmaker who has starred in over 25 films and been nominated for two Academy Awards. He serves as the UN Ambassador for Biodiversity and is a board member of Enterprise Community Partners, one of the largest non-profit developers of 'green' affordable housing in America. He has also served as president of the American branch of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, which works to protect the legendary ecosystems and astounding wildlife of East Africa through conservation programs that directly benefit local Maasai communities. In 2010, Edward co-founded Crowdrise, a web platform to empower people and charities to revolutionize activism and fundraising. Crowdrise is an innovative, crowd-sourced community of volunteers and online fundraisers that are coming together to answer the call to service, create online fundraising projects for charity, and have the most fun in the world while doing it. Events and Charities use Crowdrise to raise money in new ways, turning their participants and supporters into effective, impactful online fundraisers. In joining this Earthjustice campaign, Edward Norton is standing with all Mountain Heroes in opposition to mountaintop removal mining.

The following is a message from Edward Norton:

"My name is Edward Norton. Mountaintop removal coal mining destroys our natural resources, our communities, our health. It privatizes all the profit of dirty energy and socializes all the costs to the rest of us. It's a travesty and a scam and needs to be stopped."