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Dugongs are gentle marine mammals related to manatees and have been celebrated as “sirens” that bring friendly warnings of tsunamis. Recent surveys have only been able to conclude that at least three dugongs remain in Okinawa.(Matthijs Rouw)

Military Airstrip Could Mean Death for Dugongs

American and Japanese conservation groups represented by Earthjustice are suing to halt the construction of a U.S. military airstrip in Japan that would destroy some of the last remaining habitat for endangered Okinawa dugongs. Related to manatees, these gentle marine mammals are ancient cultural icons for the Okinawan people.





Only a few Okinawa dugongs remain. Help save this gentle species and some of its last remaining habitat before it’s too late!





Residents of Rochelle, Georgia

City Agrees to End Injustice With a New Sewer System

A group of citizens, represented by Earthjustice, will finally get justice after the city of Rochelle, Georgia, agreed to put an end to the raw sewage bubbling into their backyards.



wolf portrait

Idaho Stops Killing Wolves

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has abandoned its plan for a professional wolf-killing program within the nation’s largest forested wilderness area in the face of strong opposition and a court challenge from Earthjustice.





Polluting truck

The Cleanup Buck Should Stop With Polluters

Earthjustice is challenging the EPA’s 30-year-long failure to require that polluters pay for the cleanup of their own messes, rather than stick taxpayers with the often-hefty bill.




Report Finds That Coal Ash
Lodges Deep Into Lungs

Simply living near a coal ash dump—where the leftover muck from burning coal resides—can harm your health thanks to toxic dust that travels from the dump to your lungs, finds a new report.




Toledo’s Green Slime Is
All Too Familiar in Florida

Recently, people in Toledo, Ohio, got a taste of the water problems that regularly plague Florida after a toxic algae outbreak left about a half a million Ohioans without a municipal drinking water supply. The likely culprit: agricultural pollution.



Fumes coming from landing airplane

EPA Fails to Cut Carbon From U.S. Aviation Fleet

Aviation is one of the fastest-growing sources of carbon pollution, yet the federal EPA has let the years fly by without pushing airlines to curb their climate change emissions. An Earthjustice lawsuit seeks to bring the agency back down to earth.




Big Island Rejects More GMOs

Farmers and environmental groups represented by Earthjustice are fighting the biotech industry’s attempts to open the Big Island to increased genetically engineered (GE) farming. The Hawaiian Islands are already a hotbed for experimental crops that increase pesticide use and threaten contamination of non-GE crops.





Whale with seaguls overhead

A Sea of Riches

A rare spectacle of ocean abundance—swarming whales, sea lions, birds and anchovies—is rejuvenating for Earthjustice





Children pointing to the sky

Clean Up Our Carbon Nation

The EPA has proposed a plan to limit carbon from existing power plants. Now it’s time to make it stronger.



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