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Roadless Area Photo Slideshow

  • Ice Lake Basin, Colorado

    Dramatic scenery of Bear Mountain in a roadless area in Colorado's Ice Lake Basin.

    Nelson Guda, 2009
  • Cooper River, Washington

    Recreation, such as whitewatering, is abundant in a roadless area along the Cooper River in Washington.

    Thomas O'Keefe
  • Cabinet Mountains, Montana

    Clear flowing headwaters in the TeePee-Spring Creek roadless area in Montana's Cabinet Mountains.

    Terry Glase
  • Clearwater National Forest, Idaho

    A large bull moose in the Great Burn roadless area in Idaho's Clearwater National Forest.

    John McCarthy / TWS
  • Coeur D'Alene Mountains, Montana

    Winter comes to the South Siegel Roadless Area in Montana's Coeur D'Alene Mountains.

    Terry Glase
  • Coeur D'Alene Mountains, Montana

    Colorful Calypso orchids in the Cherry Peak roadless area in the Coeur D'Alene Mountains of Montana.

    Terry Glase
  • Coeur D'Alene Mountains, Montana

    The fall colors of huckleberry bushes blanket the forest floor in Patrick's Knob roadless area in Montana's Coeur D'Alene Mountains.

    Terry Glase
  • Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho

    Hikers enjoy the scenery of the Boulder-White Clouds roadless area in Idaho's Sawtooth National Forest.

    John McCarthy / TWS
  • Olympic National Forest, Washington

    Young boy fishing in the West Fork Humptulips River by the Moonlight Dome Roadless Area in Washington’s Olympic National Forest.

    Thomas O’Keefe
  • Coeur D'Alene Mountains, Montana

    Spring blooms of fireweed in the Reservation Divide roadless area in Montana’s Coeur D’Alene Mountains.

    Terry Glase
  • Payette National Forest, Idaho

    Beautiful Hum Lake in the Secesh Roadless Area in Idaho’s Payette National Forest.

    John McCarthy / TWS
  • San Juan National Forest, Colorado

    Old-growth pine trees in the HD Mountains roadless area in Colorado’s San Juan National Forest.

    San Juan Citizens Alliance
  • Patrick's Knob Roadless Area, Montana

    A pine white butterfly rests on Pearly Everlasting flowers in the Patrick’s Knob Roadless Area in Montana.

    Terry Glase

The public forests we’ve fought so hard to protect are now safe. All Americans can now know that a key part of our nation’s natural heritage won’t be destroyed.

— Earthjustice Attorney Tim Preso,
on the long-awaited, landmark decision by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals

There are nearly 60 million acres of wild national forest lands that were protected under the 2001 Roadless Rule. These lands are refuges for many species. Clearly, the best future for these lands and the people who enjoy them is to leave them as they are. Explore these stunning photos of wildlife and wild forests in roadless areas throughout the country.

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