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Forage Fish

The Latest On: Forage Fish

October 5, 2015 | Letter

Catch Caps for River Herring and Shad in FY2016-2018

Letter to Regional Administrator John Bullard, NMFS, Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office, on behalf of Earthjustice's clients in Flaherty v. Bryson, urging him to reject the New England Council’s recommendation for the river herring and shad (RH/S) catch caps in the proposed 2016-2018 Atlantic herring specifications.

February 9, 2015 | Legal Document

Legal Document: Groups Go To Court to Protect Blueback Herring from Extinction

Earthjustice, NRDC and a coalition of fishing and watershed protection groups filed a complaint today in federal court seeking to reverse a decision by the National Marine Fisheries Service not to list the blueback herring as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.