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The Fight for Clean Air

The Latest On: The Fight for Clean Air

August 10, 2013 | Video

This Is How Asthma Feels

Millions of Americans suffer from asthma. However, most people don't know how brutal it is to live with the disease. Breathing is a fundamental right, yet every day air pollution affects our right to breathe clean air.

March 18, 2020 | Legal Document

Valley Air District Rules on Refinery Emissions Complaint

California has the largest concentration of petroleum refineries in the western United States, and the third largest number of refineries in the nation after Texas and Louisiana. These refineries are scattered throughout the state, from urban areas such as Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area to rural communities in central California’s San Joaquin Valley. Refineries in the San Joaquin Valley are concentrated in and around Bakersfield within Kern County, the largest oil-producing and most polluted county in the state. This region suffers from the worst air quality in the United States, including harmful levels of lung-searing ozone that compromises lung development in children and causes other health complications. Oil and gas operations in the region exacerbate these unhealthy air conditions. 

October 1, 2019 | Legal Document

Close-Out Rule Judgement

These consolidated cases involve a challenge to an Environmental Protection Agency regulation known as the Close-Out Rule. The rule addresses the obligation of upwind states to reduce their contribution of ozone precursors to downwind states, which must attain an ozone pollution standard by certain statutory deadlines.