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Reducing Stressors

Elk in the Rapid River Roadless area in Idaho’s Nez Perce National Forest.

Elk in the Rapid River Roadless area in Idaho’s Nez Perce National Forest.

Photo courtesy of John McCarthy / TWS

Earthjustice is working to defend wild lands—our national parks, forests, wilderness areas, and the waters they contain—from the perils of climate change and the disruptions of industry.

The Earth’s last remaining wild places are under constant threat from extractive industries and reckless development. Meanwhile, climate change is adding further stress to our wild lands as it dramatically shifts both temperatures and critical resources.

In 2012, more than a decade of Earthjustice litigation defending protections for millions of acres of pristine areas came largely to an end, when the Supreme Court denied review of our critical win in the lower courts.

Earthjustice is reducing stressors by:

  1. Defending our national parks and monuments from reckless development that threatens their wild character, including oil and gas development in Red Rock country and the northern Rockies and uranium mining near the Grand Canyon.
  2. Preserving habitat and connecting landscape corridors, which builds resilience to climate change by allowing species to move through a network of ecologically rich areas that are uninterrupted by human development.
  3. Advocating for strong federal forest protections that limit old-growth logging in the Pacific Northwest, preserving the Sierra Nevada’s vast acreage of wild forest and protecting the gem of the national forest system: Alaska’s Tongass rainforest.
  4. Defending native communities in the Arctic and elsewhere, whose lands are often the target for destructive industries.