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Press Release November 15, 2006

Environmentalists, Health Groups Allege Illegal Weakening of Limits on Open Field Burning in Idaho

Federal lawsuit challenges clean air plan that allows burning in state

Press Release December 15, 2005

Groups File Opening Brief in Challenge to Idaho Field Burning

Controversial farming practice pollutes air, threatens public health

Press Release September 9, 2005

Lawsuit Filed Against EPA for Allowing Field Burning in Idaho

Groups say smoke threatens public health

Press Release: Victory January 30, 2007

Court Faults EPA Approval of Field Burning in Idaho

Grass burning sends unhealthy levels of smoke, soot into homes and communities

Maria Aguilera, a farmworker for 24 years, has learned to protect herself from toxic chemicals applied to the fields.
(Dave Getzschman for Earthjustice)
feature October 9, 2014

The Toxic Secret of California’s Salad Bowl

The farmworkers who help bring fresh fruit and produce to your table aren’t protected by the safety standards most workers in the U.S. enjoy. The farmworkers’ reality is often a nightmare of back-breaking work and repeated exposure to toxic chemicals.

Press Release December 6, 2021

Lawsuit Challenges Idaho Wolf Trapping Laws That Endanger Grizzlies, Lynx

Idaho’s expanded wolf trapping likely to kill 90% of state’s gray wolf population

Press Release October 13, 2010

Court Hearing on Conservationist Challenge to Idaho Roadless Policy

State rule may allow new roads and logging, put wildlife habitat at risk, and pollute watersheds with mining pollution.

Press Release January 16, 2009

Idaho Roadless Rule Challenged in Federal Court

Only state in the lower 48 to have roadless forest protection downgraded by the Bush administration

Document November 9, 2006

Petitioners Opening Brief in Challenge to Practice of Field Burning in Idaho

Opening brief field Dec. 16, 2005 in federal court challenging Idaho adoption of a clean air plan that continues to allow field burning

A Florida sugar cane field on fire. 150,000 acres are burned each year, emitting more than 2,800 tons of hazardous air pollutants per year.
(April Sorrow / CC BY-NC 2.0)
Press Release November 19, 2015

Conservation Groups File Action to Curb Pollution from Burning Sugar Cane Fields

South Florida cane burning emits over 2,800 tons of hazardous air pollutants annually

Document January 30, 2007

Federal Court Decision on Open Field Burning in Idaho

9th Circuit decision requires EPA to address open field burning in Idaho

Press Release July 19, 2021

Groups File Promise to Challenge Idaho’s New Harmful Wolf Hunting Laws

New laws propose substantial risks to federally protected Lynx, Grizzly Bears

Press Release February 6, 2001

Conservationists Oppose Legal Attacks on Roadless Initiative for National Forest Lands in Idaho

Lawyers from Earthjustice and Natural Resources Defense Council filed court papers opposing two lawsuits that seek to overturn the U.S. Forest Service’s new rule protecting pristine national forest lands.

Press Release February 14, 2012

Weak Idaho River and Stream Protections Challenged

Regulations allow pollution of pristine waters

Burning of a Florida sugar cane field. 150,000 acres are burned each year, emitting more than 2,800 tons of hazardous air pollutants per year.
(April Sorrow / CC BY-NC 2.0)
case November 23, 2015

Curbing Pollution From Burning Sugar Cane Fields in Florida

On behalf of the Sierra Club, Earthjustice has filed a legal action asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to regulate smoke pollution coming from thousands of acres of sugar cane that U.S. Sugar Corp. burns in South Florida each year. Burning the cane causes hazardous air pollution that poses a health risk to people. The…

Article February 14, 2014

Danger to Wolves Mounts in Idaho, Across U.S.

Idaho leads the nation in open hatred for wolves, pursuit of wolf killing

Press Release August 5, 2015

Idaho Fish and Game Will Not Kill Wolves in Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness This Winter

Following court action, agency announces that it will not proceed with wolf control actions

Press Release February 12, 2014

Idaho Intent on Killing Wolves in the Wilderness

New plan aims to reduce population by 60% to please elk hunters