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An offshore wind farm like this one in Rhode Island will soon help power New York City, replacing the need for new fossil fuel projects. (David Goldman / AP)
Article March 31, 2023

How We Helped an NYC Community Say No to a Dirty Gas Plant and Get Wind Power Instead

A clean energy win in Queens shows what’s possible when fossil fuels are swept off the table.

Adrian Martinez, photographed in Los Angeles, California. (Hannah Benet for Earthjustice)
Article March 31, 2023

Meet the Environmental Attorney Who Wants to Electrify Everything on Wheels

Adrian Martinez says incremental steps to tackle air pollution and climate change aren’t enough.

From the Experts March 31, 2023

The Gas Industry is Raising Your Rates to Expand Their Polluting System: The NY HEAT Act Will End That

New legislation will save New Yorkers hundreds of millions in subsidies for methane gas as the state shifts to an electric future

Signal Hill, an affluent suburb of Long Beach, features dozens of active oil wells and derricks around the town many in commercial parking lots and residential areas only feet from homes.  (Tara Pixley for Earthjustice)
feature March 31, 2023

Ending the Extraction and Burning of Fossil Fuels

Earthjustice uses the power of the law to ensure the government protects and its people, not the profits of fossil fuel executives.

In the News: Mother Jones March 31, 2023

Team Biden Just Offered an Italy-Sized Area of the Gulf of Mexico to Big Oil

George Torgun, Attorney, Oceans Program, Earthjustice: “These leases were brought back to life by the IRA but there was no legal reason to offer almost the entire Gulf of Mexico to the oil and gas industry.”

In the News: Politico March 31, 2023

GOP energy package would revamp landmark toxics law

Jonathan Kalmuss-Katz, Attorney, Toxic Exposure & Health Program, Earthjustice: “This is the broadest and most direct assault on the 2016 TSCA amendments since they were passed.”

An electric heavy-duty truck used to move freight at the Port of Long Beach. California passed the nation's first electric truck standard in June 2020. (Dennis Schroeder / NREL)
Press Release March 31, 2023

EPA Grants California’s Waiver for Landmark Electric Trucks Rule

Zero emissions truck rule is set to clean the air for 75 million Americans

Ford F-150 Lightning pickup trucks sit on the production line at the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan. (Bill Pugliano / Getty Images)
Press Release March 31, 2023

Earthjustice Statement on Treasury Department’s Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Guidance

“Electrifying our vehicle fleet is essential to tackling the climate crisis, as transportation contributes the most greenhouse gases to the atmosphere of any industry in the United States.”

Construction on a last-mile warehouse in Syosset, New York. Concentrations of last-mile warehouses have an outsized impact on air quality and noise pollution due to higher numbers of truck trips, 24/7 operating times, and other factors. (Bruce Bennett / Getty Images)
feature March 30, 2023

Fortaleciendo Las Normas de Zonificación Para Almacenes de Última Milla

Modificar las regulaciones sobre los almacenes de última milla es fundamental para lograr los objetivos de justicia ambiental y equidad racial de la ciudad de Nueva York

Construction on a last-mile warehouse in Syosset, New York. Concentrations of last-mile warehouses have an outsized impact on air quality and noise pollution due to higher numbers of truck trips, 24/7 operating times, and other factors. (Bruce Bennett / Getty Images)
feature March 30, 2023

Strengthening Zoning Regulations on Last-Mile Warehouses

Amending regulations on last-mile warehouses is critical to achieving New York City’s environmental justice and racial equity goals

Press Release March 30, 2023

Department of Interior moves to protect mature and old-growth trees and forests from logging

Wide-ranging rule will include Bureau of Land Management forest policies

A natural gas flare from an offshore oil drilling rig in Cook Inlet, Alaska.
(Paul Souders / Getty Images)
Press Release March 30, 2023

Republican Polluter Priorities Bill Worsens Climate Change and Environmental Injustices

Earthjustice urges House of Representatives to reject H.R. 1

In the News: San Luis Obispo Tribune March 29, 2023

California garbage trucks may avoid going electric until 2042 under new climate rules

Sasan Saadat, Research & Policy Analyst, Clean Energy Program, Earthjustice: “We’re basically carving out exemptions because of political protest from people who made bad investments. You’ll end up in this absurd situation where vehicles ready to go electric at a fast pace will be put on the slowest timetable in communities most overdue for relief.”

In the News: Marketplace March 29, 2023

Lead smelters provide a crucial service, but what of the health effects?

Angela Johnson Meszaros, Managing Attorney, Community Partnerships, Earthjustice: “If there was ever a time when it was appropriate to have a secondary lead smelter in Los Angeles County, that time has long since passed.”

In the News: Grist March 29, 2023

It’s not just oceans that are rising. Groundwater is, too.

Jenny Cassel, Attorney, Clean Energy Program, Earthjustice: “​​This is a very urgent issue, because the closure is required, the closure is happening. And in some places, it’s happening in ways that are not going to alleviate the problem.”

In the News: CNN March 29, 2023

Biden administration moves ahead with massive Gulf of Mexico drilling auction, weeks after approving Willow Project

George Torgun, Attorney, Oceans Program, Earthjustice: “There’s nothing in the IRA that required it to be so large. If it goes forward as planned, it’s double the size of Willow. It’s going to lock in fossil fuel development in the Gulf for the next 50 years.”

Press Release March 29, 2023

Senate Votes to Gut Clean Water Protections

“Protections for clean water are constantly under attack from polluting industries, and this will not be the last Republican attempt to significantly weaken the Clean Water Act during this Congress.”

Press Release March 29, 2023

EPA orders final cancellation of nerve-agent pesticide found in grain

Chlorpyrifos-methyl is being phased out, but dozens of similar harmful organophosphate pesticides remain in food