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May 29, 2020 | In the News: Bloomberg Law

Gas, Oil Drilling in National Forests May Expand Under Rule Plan

Michael Freeman, Attorney, Rocky Mountain Office, Earthjustice: “BLM doesn’t have specific knowledge of forest lands. They’re not as intimately familiar with a national forest as the agency that’s responsible for managing that forest. It’s critical that at every stage, the Forest Service analyze the lands that are proposed for drilling.”

May 29, 2020 | In the News: National Geographic

Fishery Managers Seek To Open Pacific Monuments To Fishing

David Henkin, Attorney, Mid-Pacific Office, Earthjustice: “So far, we’re not expecting that much is going to come of this request. But if it does, we’re prepared to go to court. President Trump is without executive authority to open up monuments to fishing, and can’t dismantle them in a piecemeal fashion.”

May 29, 2020 | Press Release

Declaración Oficial De Earthjustice Frente al Asesinato Inconcebible de George Floyd

Condenamos este acto de violencia y, junto con nuestros amigos, aliados y socios comprometidos con la justicia racial, exigimos una plena rendición de cuentas por parte de las fuerzas del orden público y un compromiso firme para abordar el racismo institucional y sentimiento anti-afroamericano que existe alrededor de este país

May 28, 2020 | In the News: Bloomberg Law

EPA Disagreed With White House on Updating Mercury Analysis

Neil Gormley, Attorney, Washington, D.C., Earthjustice: “[The emails show] that even OMB agreed with public health and environmental groups and EPA’s independent science advisers that EPA should have grappled with new information showing that the benefits of MATS are much greater than EPA estimated and the costs much lower.”