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Connect with our media team to interview Earthjustice lawyers and policy experts and learn about our groundbreaking casework. See full directory.

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The Citizen Regulators Taking on Big Polluters When The EPA Won’t

“Citizen suits are designed to wake up slumbering agencies and give them a chance to do their job. It’s an important accountability tool that allows communities to hold polluters accountable when regulatory agencies are unwilling to act or lack political courage.”

Oscar Espino-Padron, Attorney, California Regional Office
March 19, 2021
A Native Woman’s Perspective on Why “Auntie Deb” Is a Great Choice To Run Interior

“Her nomination to lead Interior represents an opportunity to help heal the historic wounds that the United States government has inflicted on Native people, by bringing them to the table over important decisions about the lands they have lived on for thousands of years.”

Gussie Lord, Managing Attorney, Tribal Partnerships Program
March 8, 2021
Trump Just Squeezed One Last Environmental Catastrophe Into His First Term

"We've been protecting the Tongass for many years. We've done it through James Watt, we've done it through Republican administrations, and we've done it through hostile Supreme Courts. And we're confident we'll continue to prevail in the courts."

Sam Sankar, Senior VP of Programs
October 28, 2020