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feature February 25, 2016

Powering The Future

In a conversation, Vice President of Litigation for Climate & Energy Abigail Dillen discusses important recent victories and Earthjustice’s plans to go all-in on clean energy.

A wind turbine at the Twin Groves Wind Farm outside of Bloomington, Illinois. The government agency FERC has the power to accelerate the adoption of wind power and other forms of clean energy. (Peter Juvinall / NREL)
Press Release August 15, 2023

35 Climate, Clean Energy and Labor Organizations Launch “Made By US” Clean Energy Storytelling Campaign

Joint campaign will educate Americans on successes of the Inflation Reduction Act by uplifting real stories highlighting benefits

Seven years after Superstorm Sandy, New Jersey’s infrastructure remains vulnerable to extreme weather and other impacts of climate change. Local solar, especially when paired with battery storage, can help keep the lights on in times of crisis — power that’s especially critical for low-income families and communities on the frontlines of climate impacts.
(Dirvish / CC BY 2.0)
Press Release December 9, 2019

Justice, Climate, and Solar Advocates Release NJ Equitable Solar Policy Roadmap

New Jersey coalition releases a policy roadmap outlining how New Jersey can help 250,000 low-income families go solar by 2030, and install 400 megawatts of storage with $125 million per year in state funding.

(Thomas Richter)
goal December 10, 2021

Power Everything With 100% Clean Energy

Earthjustice is using the power of the law to accelerate the shift from dirty to clean energy.

Press Release: Victory November 3, 2021

Environmental Rights Amendment Passes in New York

Constitutional Amendment will give every New Yorker a right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment

UN Special Envoy on Climate Ambition and Solutions Michael R. Bloomberg speaks onstage during The Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit In Partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies on September 19, 2023 in New York City. (Bryan Bedder / Getty Images for Bloomberg Philanthropies)
Press Release September 20, 2023

Michael R. Bloomberg Doubles Down with Additional $500M to Help End Fossil Fuels and Usher in a New Era of Clean Energy in the United States

Beyond Carbon campaign will continue to work towards shuttering all remaining U.S. coal plants, quadrupling the amount of clean energy on the grid, and halving gas use by 2030

Roger Garbey and Andres Hernandez (L-R), from the Goldin Solar company, install a solar panel system on the roof of a home in Palmetto Bay, Florida. (Joe Raedle / Getty Images)
Article March 23, 2023

Creating a Sustainable Clean Energy Transition

Transitioning to 100% clean energy is a huge opportunity to power our economy and create good jobs without sacrificing our communities or the climate. Here’s how we do it.

Similar in concept to a community garden, community solar allows multiple customers to purchase electricity from the same solar installation.
(Russ Ferriday / CC BY-SA 2.0)
Press Release: Victory June 7, 2023

Puget Sound Energy Must Strengthen its Clean Energy Plan

In a win for climate and health, Washington’s utility commission requires the state’s largest electric utility to do more to ensure its transition to clean energy is equitable

Press Release April 21, 2022

Clean Energy and Consumer Groups Call on FERC to Reject ISO New England’s Proposal to Delay Key Energy Market Reform

FERC must act to correct artificial inflation of clean energy costs in ISO New England

Press Release July 23, 2013

Earthjustice Announces New Leadership on Climate Change, Coal Pollution, Clean Energy

New leadership advances Earthjustice’s work in securing a clean energy future for the United States

A conversation about Earthjustice's work to transition the United States to 100% clean energy, our partnership with an unprecedented national climate coalition, and how these high-level initiatives translate into real change on the ground for impacted communities.
feature October 24, 2019

Insider Briefing: Zero to 100: Taking Bold Action on Climate Crisis

Earthjustice Vice President for Climate and Energy alongside our Senior Legislative Representative discuss our work to transition the U.S. to 100% clean energy, our national climate coalition partnership, and how these high-level initiatives translate into real change on the ground for impacted communities.

Press Release August 2, 2022

Climate Deal Could Bring Benefits of Solar and Clean Energy to Millions, Lowering Energy Bills and Emissions

Congress must pass this legislation without further delay.

A profile of power supply lines against a sunset.
Press Release May 28, 2014

Kansas City Power & Light Commits to Low Cost, Clean Energy through Expanded Energy Efficiency Programs

Agreement sets significant energy savings targets through 2015 and spurs additional savings in KCP&L-Greater Missouri Operations’ service territory

Gov. Jay Inslee signs a bill that establishes a 100% clean energy target for Washington state.
(Image Courtesy of the Office of the Governor)
Article June 27, 2019

State by State, Clean Energy Is Sweeping the Nation

Maine is the seventh state to pass a 100% clean energy target, defying the Trump administration’s attempts to prop up fossil fuels.

Florida International University Solar House at Engineering Campus.
(Junior Henry / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Press Release August 9, 2019

Concerns Over High Electric Bills and the Environment Raised as State Holds Hearing on Shockingly Low 10-Year Energy Efficiency Goals

Power companies propose goals of zero or close to zero for efficiency, drawing concerns about higher electric bills from ratepayers, cities, conservationists, businesses

Press Release: Victory September 16, 2022

NRG Files Petition to Sell Land Under Astoria, Queens Peaker Plant to Beacon Wind

The sale would facilitate the site’s electrical interconnection to the Beacon Wind Project and away from fossil fuels

An offshore wind farm like this one in Rhode Island will soon help power New York City, replacing the need for new fossil fuel projects. (David Goldman / AP)
Article March 31, 2023

How We Helped an NYC Community Say No to a Dirty Gas Plant and Get Wind Power Instead

A clean energy win in Queens shows what’s possible when fossil fuels are swept off the table.

Solar panels dot the rooftops of homes in Salt Lake on Oahu, Hawaiʻi.
(Matt Mallams / Earthjustice)
feature March 6, 2014

Power to the People: America’s Rooftop Revolution

Rooftop by rooftop—from Hawai’i to across the mainland—Americans are waging a war of independence from a 100-year-old system of centralized dirty energy.