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In the News: Politico May 20, 2024

Appeals court denies Florida request for wetlands permitting stay

Tania Galloni, Managing Attorney, Florida Office: “If [Florida officials] want the program back, they need to fix their mistakes, not dig into them.”

document June 29, 2023

Appellants’ Reply Brief- MS Permit Board

Reply brief on Gulfport Port expansion case.

In the News: Politico February 23, 2024

Permitting ‘Chaos’: Florida DEP to seek stay of judge’s wetlands ruling

Tania Galloni, Managing Attorney, Florida Office: “The judge got it right. There’s a lot of reasons this program is illegal.”

The Greenidge Generating Station on the west shore of Seneca Lake, near Dresden, New York.
(Lauren Petracca for Earthjustice)
Press Release: Victory May 9, 2024

Another Decision Upholds Denial of Cryptominer Greenidge Generation’s Air Permit – DEC Case Closed

Climate-killing crypto miner Greenidge Generation became a national story and test case for how states should handle the exploitative and extractive crypto mining industry

document February 8, 2024

Order Granting Snake River Litigation Stay

A federal judge in Oregon approved a long-term pause in Snake River litigation allowing a tribal-state plan and U.S. government commitments to restore the Columbia River Basin to continue.

A haze of smog covers the Port of Houston. (James Dillard)
case February 28, 2024

The EPA’s Good Neighbor Plan: Defending Public Health in the Supreme Court

The future of the Good Neighbor Plan hangs in the balance, with implications for public health and economic prosperity nationwide.

Press Release June 29, 2023

Historic Black community in Gulfport Continues to Fight Against Ammunition Storage in their Neighborhood

The Mississippi State Permit Board failed in its duties when it rubber stamped the Port Authority’s plan to build a military facility near Black community, allowed unresolved concerns about the potential for explosives storage near homes, and ignored demands for more suitable locations for military Port facility

document December 14, 2023

Snake River Litigation: Litigation Stay

Based on a Tribal-state initiative backed by federal commitments, a coalition of fishing, conservation, and renewable energy groups, represented by Earthjustice in a lawsuit, have agreed, with the Biden administration, the states of Oregon and Washington and Nez Perce, Yakama, Warm Springs, and Umatilla Tribes, to seek a multi-year pause in Snake River litigation. The long-term litigation pause would allow for implementation of federal commitments supporting a groundbreaking new initiative advancing the recovery of salmon, steelhead and other Native fish populations throughout the Columbia River Basin.

document February 25, 2022

Petitioners Reply (Chlorpyrifos)

Industry reply in support of stay

Snake River's blue waters stand out against green landscape with Teton Mountain Range ascending in the background. Grand Tetons National Park, Teton County, Wyoming. (Edwin Remsberg / Getty Images)
Press Release February 23, 2024

Earthjustice Plaintiffs Join in White House Ceremony Uplifting Historic Columbia Basin Restoration Agreement

The landmark restoration agreement was announced in December and approved by the court earlier this month

Mari Rose Taruc of Reclaim Our Power is advocating for a safe, reliable energy system that benefits everyone.
(John Osgood for Earthjustice)
Article May 9, 2024

Gas Stoves Are a Public Health Hazard. Here’s What We’re Doing About It.

In partnership with communities across the U.S., we’re advocating for higher energy efficiency standards and leveling the playing field for renewable energy.

document February 24, 2022

Plaintiff's Reply Brief – Coal Leasing

The Tribe and conservation plaintiffs request that this court declare that the challenged decision and environmental assessment (EA) violate the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and federal defendants’ tribal trust obligations, vacate the challenge decision and EA, and remand the federal defendants for analysis consistent with NEPA before resuming coal leasing that would have been foreclosed by the moratorium.

document October 31, 2023

Notice RE: Stay Expiration and Further Proceedings

A coalition of fishing, conservation, and renewable energy groups, represented by Earthjustice, have jointly agreed, with the Biden administration, the states of Oregon and Washington, and the Nez Perce, Yakama, Warm Springs, and Umatilla Tribes to notify the court of an additional pause in litigation over dam operations on the Snake River for another 45 days.

document January 13, 2022

Bureau of Land Management Reply Brief – Coal Leasing

Memorandum in support of federal defendants’ cross-motion for summary judgment and in opposition to Citizens for Clean Energy et al. and the Northern Cheyenne Tribe’s motions for summary judgment and supporting memoranda.

Press Release August 4, 2022

Parties Ask Court to Extend Stay in Legal Fight for Endangered Snake River Salmon

Urgent action is needed to restore salmon and other native fish populations

document September 22, 2023

Emergency Motion for Stay Pending Appeal – Order Removes Protections from Endangered Rice’s Whale

Emergency order seeks to reinstate protections before upcoming, massive offshore oil and gas sale

document July 12, 2021

Line 3 Reply Brief in Opposition to Cross Motion for Summary Judgement

Line 3 Brief in Opposition to DOJ Cross Motion

document August 31, 2023

NWF v. NMFS Final Stay Extension Motion

A coalition of fishing and conservation groups, represented by Earthjustice, have jointly agreed, with the Biden administration, Oregon, the Nez Perce Tribe and others to ask the court for an additional 60-day pause in our litigation over dam operations on the Snake and Columbia Rivers.