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Press Release May 16, 2007

Lawsuit Filed to Protect Endangered Whales from Navy Sonar

Undersea warfare exercises planned within National Marine Sanctuary in Hawai’i

A whale and calf swim off the coast of Southern California, in an area where certain U.S. Navy activities will be limited under the settlement.
(John Calambokidis / Cascadia Research Collective)
Press Release: Victory September 14, 2015

Navy Agrees to Limit Underwater Assaults on Whales and Dolphins

Settlement will protect habitat for vulnerable marine mammal populations in Southern California and Hawai‘i

Press Release January 26, 2012

Navy Training Blasts Marine Mammals with Harmful Sonar

Wildlife protection agency challenged for not doing its job

Press Release November 12, 2008

Supreme Court Rules in Navy Sonar Case

Safeguards for Hawai’i’s whales will continue, for now

Press Release September 26, 2013

Court Rules that Federal Agency Failed to Protect Thousands of Whales and Dolphins from Navy Sonar

West Coast marine mammals continue to be harmed by deafening underwater noise

Press Release July 29, 2008

Whale Killed During Navy Sonar Exercises

Exercises in Hawai`i’s waters, included use of high-intensity, mid-frequency active sonar

Press Release November 26, 2013

Court Sets August 2014 Deadline to Protect Whales and Dolphins from Navy Sonar in Pacific Northwest

Significant flaws found in previous plan put thousands of marine mammals at risk

Press Release December 16, 2013

Whales & Dolphins: Lawsuit Seeks to Reduce Harm from Navy Sonar in Pacific

Millions of marine mammals face injury, death off Hawaiʻi, Southern California

Press Release: Victory March 1, 2008

Court: Protect Whales in Sonar Exercises

Injunction issued in Hawai`i case

A pod of dolphins swim off the coast of Southern California.
(Photo courtesy of Loren Javier)
Press Release November 12, 2015

Navy Rethinks Pacific Training that Endangers Whales, Dolphins and Other Marine Life

New environmental impact statement required for destructive sonar and explosives use

A U.S. Navy vessel encounters a research ship and pod of orcas. The shrill, repetitive whistle produced by sonar harms marine mammals.
(Photo provided by Center for Whale Research)
Press Release: Victory April 1, 2015

Court Rules Navy Training in Pacific Violates Laws Meant to Protect Whales, Sea Turtles

Federal judge says Feds wrongly approved plan allowing whales, dolphins, other wildlife to be harmed nearly 10 million times

Press Release June 25, 2008

Navy Rejects State's Efforts to Protect Whales from Sonar in Hawai`i

Claims authority to ignore state law

Article January 27, 2012

Groups Demand That Navy Change Sonar Testing

Environmental groups and some Indian tribes, represented by Earthjustice, have to get the U.S. Navy to change the way it trains off the West Coast to avoid harming whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Fields planted with GMO crops, and sprayed with pesticides, are located adjacent to homes on Kauaʻi.
(Mike Coots for Earthjustice)
Press Release September 14, 2016

Native Hawaiians Bring Civil Rights Complaint Against State Agencies on Pesticide Use

HDOA and ADC discriminate against Native Hawaiians harmed by pesticide drift

Melon headed whales like these on the west side of Hawai'i island will now be protected from dangerous mid-frequency sonar training and testing.
(Daniel Webster/Cascadia Research Collective)
Article: Victory September 14, 2015

Navy Sonar Settlement Brings Historic Win for Whales

For the first time ever, the Navy has agreed to put vast swaths of important habitat for numerous marine mammals off limits to dangerous sonar training and testing.

Press Release August 3, 2009

Navy Decision Dodges Environmental Protections for Endangered Right Whales

Plans proceeding without survey of whale calving grounds

page February 11, 2014

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Press Release July 30, 2008

Navy Sonar Heard Nearby One Day Before Whale Strands on Moloka'i Beach

Divers heard loud sonar transmissions both in and out of the water