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Press Release August 19, 2008

Alpine 'Boulder Bunny' Imperiled by Global Warming

State and federal lawsuits filed to protect American pika

feature February 25, 2016

Powering The Future

In a conversation, Vice President of Litigation for Climate & Energy Abigail Dillen discusses important recent victories and Earthjustice’s plans to go all-in on clean energy.

Press Release October 28, 2009

Lawsuit Filed to Protect American Pika Under California Endangered Species Act

California commission continues to deny protection to wildlife imperiled by climate change

Press Release August 17, 2011

Study Finds State Protections for Coal Ash Grossly Inadequate

States lack important safeguards for public health, operating old, dangerous coal ash dumps

feature August 4, 2021

Maps: Organophosphate Pesticides in the U.S.

Visualizing the widespread extent of agricultural pesticide usage for 14 of the most harmful organophosphate pesticides.

Press Release May 15, 2009

Court Tells California to Reconsider Protecting Pika from Climate Change

Federal government advanced pika protection last week

feature October 2, 2015

The Endangered Species Act Under Fire

The success and significance of the Endangered Species Act, and Earthjustice’s efforts to safeguard the visionary law from impending threats in Congress, in a discussion with Legislative Counsel Marjorie Mulhall and Managing Attorney Tim Preso.

Press Release: Victory May 6, 2009

American Pika Advances Toward Endangered Species Act Protection

Small alpine mammal imperiled by global warming

From the Experts February 27, 2019

These Are States That Want to Make America’s Waters Burn Again

Attorney Janette Brimmer explains how polluter-friendly states are helping Trump attack the Clean Water Rule.

Barbara Deardorff draws water from her tap in Wheatfield, Indiana, where toxic chemicals from a local coal ash pond have leached into her community's water supply. The state recently repealed its water protections in favor of the Trump administration's "Dirty Water Rule," leaving residents more vulnerable to chemical poisoning.
(Alex Garcia for Earthjustice)
From the Experts February 17, 2021

In the Race for Dirtiest Water, Indiana Pulls Ahead with Repeal of Wetlands Protections

The state just doubled down on its dirty water status by embracing the Trump administration’s weak regulation instead of strengthening its own.

A conversation about cleaning up coal ash contaminating groundwater across America.
feature June 6, 2019

Insider Briefing: Coal’s Poisonous Legacy

Earthjustice attorneys and our client and partner in litigation, Prairie River Network discuss cleaning up coal ash contaminating groundwater in Illinois and across America.

Press Release May 5, 2023

NY State Legislators and Climate Advocates Celebrate Passage of First-in-the-Nation State Law Ending Fossil Fuel Use in New Buildings

The people-powered climate movement prevails against the fossil fuel industry with New York becoming the first state to end fossil fuels in new construction by law

Gov. Jay Inslee signs a bill that establishes a 100% clean energy target for Washington state.
(Image Courtesy of the Office of the Governor)
Article June 27, 2019

State by State, Clean Energy Is Sweeping the Nation

Maine is the seventh state to pass a 100% clean energy target, defying the Trump administration’s attempts to prop up fossil fuels.

Press Release: Victory February 12, 2009

CLIMATE: Federal Agency Agrees to Consider Endangered Species Protection for American Pika

Global warming driving alpine rock rabbit towards extinction

Earthjustice released an interactive map displaying where states currently stand on renewable energy in light of the Obama Administration's proposed Clean Power Plan.
(Background Photo: Matt Mallams for Earthjustice)
Press Release November 13, 2014

Map: Many States on Track to Meet or Exceed Clean Power Plan Renewable Energy Aims

Interactive map shows need to strengthen Plan’s state-specific clean energy targets

Press Release: Victory October 19, 2010

For the Second Time, Court Tells California to Reconsider Protecting Pika

Climate change destroying pika habitat

Press Release: Victory October 19, 2011

California Commission Advances Climate-threatened Pika Toward Legal Protection

Decision acknowledges science showing American Pika is threatened by global warming

Press Release March 5, 2008

California Wildlife Agency Ignores Global Warming Threat

California Department of Fish and Game denies threat to American pika; Fish and Game Commission to vote Friday