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Press Release: Victory May 23, 2006

Salmon Advocates Win Major Victory in Federal Court Over Snake River Water Operations

A federal judge has ruled that water management in the Upper Snake River basin illegally harms salmon.

Lower Granite Dam, one of the four massive dams on the Lower Snake River, that is driving wild salmon to extinction. The other three are Ice Harbor, Little Goose, and Lower Monumental.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
feature January 8, 2023

Why Restoration of the Lower Snake River is Necessary to Save Wild Salmon

It’s time for the four dams on the Lower Snake River to go and for our salmon to come home — to a free-flowing and healthy Snake River.

Press Release September 29, 2005

Fishermen and Conservationists: Snake River Management Needs Salmon Improvements

Groups call for combining separate Columbia-Snake salmon plans

Press Release August 22, 2003

Bush Administration Must Reevalutate Upper Snake River Dam Operations

Conservation groups act to restore health to Columbia and Snake Rivers

feature July 31, 2020

What You Need To Know About Endangered Salmon

And the once-in-a-generation opportunity to restore the lower Snake River, one of the greatest salmon rivers in the world.

A sockeye salmon (<i>Oncorhynchus nerka</i>) in Little Redfish Lake Creek, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho. (Neil Ever Osborne / Save Our Wild Salmon / iLCP)
Press Release April 24, 2023

Washington State Legislature Takes Important Next Steps Towards Honoring Treaty Responsibilities to Tribal Nations and Restoring Endangered Salmon in the Lower Snake River

The Northwest Salmon Restoration Campaign celebrates progress on the largest river restoration in history

Sockeye salmon make their way back up a river in the Pacific Northwest to spawn.(Shutterstock)
Press Release: Victory May 4, 2016

U.S. District Court Sides With Wild Salmon and Communities; Feds’ Columbia/Snake River Salmon Plan Again Found Illegal

After last summer’s catastrophic fish kill caused by warming rivers, ruling highlights need for dramatic changes in federal dam management

The Lower Granite Dam is one of the four Lower Snake River dams Earthjustice is fighting to remove.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
From the Experts January 3, 2022

Breakthrough in 20+ Year Legal Battle Over Fate of Snake River Salmon

Federal agencies in the Biden administration have finally agreed to seek a long-term comprehensive solution that restores Snake River salmon.

Article December 15, 2010

Restoring The Smelt And The Bay-Delta Ecosystem

Court orders revisions to federal plan to protect the smelt

Press Release January 19, 2021

Fishing, Conservation Groups Return to Court to Challenge Latest Failed Plan for Columbia-Snake Salmon

The legal battle continues after latest federal plan approves status quo hydro operations

A fisherman unloads Chinook salmon from fishing boats in Ft. Bragg, California. The 2013 spring-run of salmon had been very strong due to good ocean conditions and great river situation for juvenile fish.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
case February 25, 2005

Defending the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta & Biological Opinion

Large San Joaquin Valley agricultural interests and southern California water users compete for water flowing through the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers that is also needed by endangered salmon, steelhead and other species. These water users filed lawsuits challenging the opinion’s call for reductions in water exports from the Delta during critical times for young…

Press Release: Victory April 16, 2008

Judge Tosses Biological Opinion for Salmon and Steelhead in California

Groups say delta water project operations must protect water supply for fish and people

page February 11, 2014

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Press Release October 21, 2021

Snake River: Conservation & Fishing Groups Agree to Pause Litigation, Discuss Long-Term, Comprehensive Solution to Aid Struggling Salmon

Federal agencies agree to stop-gap measures for dam operations in 2022

Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) in Little Redfish Lake Creek, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho.
(Neil Ever Osborne / Save Our Wild Salmon / iLCP)
Press Release October 23, 2020

Fishing, Conservation Groups Take Step to Renew Legal Challenge to Columbia-Snake Hydropower Operations

The long legal battle continues after latest federal plan fails to restore endangered salmon

Press Release: Victory December 15, 2008

New Biological Opinion Will Protect San Francisco Bay-Delta

State and federal water projects operators must protect native fish from extinction

Press Release: Victory October 6, 2011

European Court’s Preliminary Opinion Supports Legality of EU Law That Curbs Aviation Pollution

Advocate General’s opinion bolsters position of Europe and intervening environmental groups in case on EU aviation emissions trading system