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Press Release November 17, 2007

Native Hawaiians, Community Protest Army Failure to Remove Bomb from Makua

Army foot-dragging threatens public safety, disrupts Hawaiian cultural observance

Press Release October 28, 2021

EPA to Reconsider “Do Nothing” Ozone Rule

Groups applaud step, urge stronger protections against dangerous smog pollution

Press Release February 11, 2021

“Do Nothing” Toxic Ozone Rule Challenged by Health and Environmental Groups

Ground-level ozone harms public health and nature, yet inaction continues

Oscar Garcia and Kimberly Garcia of Reno, NV, testified at an EPA public hearing on ozone standards. They were among the many who asked the EPA to create a new, stronger ozone standard that limits ozone to at least 60 parts per billion, the most protective option EPA's science advisors have recommended.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
feature February 5, 2015

Photos: Protecting Lives & Lungs From Smog

The EPA is under court order to take action to limit the amount of smog allowed into the air. Listening sessions were conducted across the country on the proposed ozone standards. These are stories from the hearing held in Sacramento, CA.

The U.S. military evicted local families from Mākua during World War II, converting the valley into a live-fire training facility. The area was subject to ship-to-shore bombardment by naval guns. Large bombs were dropped, and Mākua’s church was used for target practice and destroyed.
(Photo courtesy of Ed Greevy)
Press Release November 7, 2016

Hawaiian Cultural Group Sues U.S. Army Over Cultural Access at Makua

The Army’s two-and-a-half year ban on access to cultural sites at Mākua Military Reservation on O‘ahu violates a 2001 court-ordered settlement

Press Release July 21, 2005

Army Breaks Promises at Makua

Violated Settlement in Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Press Release April 10, 2023

Protecting Communities From Air Pollution Act to Tackle Colorado’s Ozone Problem

Representatives Bacon and Willford’s bill aims to improve air quality permitting and enforcement

Document November 16, 2007

Makua Bomb Exclusion Zone

Map of Exclusion Zone declared by Army due to 250-pound unexploded bomb.

feature August 4, 2021

Maps: Organophosphate Pesticides in the U.S.

Visualizing the widespread extent of agricultural pesticide usage for 14 of the most harmful organophosphate pesticides.

Press Release May 16, 2001

Citizens to Challenge Environmental Assessment of Military Training at Makua, Hawai'i

Malama Makua, represented by Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, will return to court to challenge the US Army’s claim that resuming live-fire training and related activities at Makua Military Reservation on O`ahu would have no significant impact on the more than 40 endangered species and dozens of sacred and cultural sites found at Makua and on neighboring communities.

Press Release August 12, 2009

HAWAI`I: Army Back in Court over Failure to Study Contamination Threats to Cultural Sites at Makua

Malama Makua seeks ban on live-fire training until required studies completed

Press Release March 13, 2008

Hawaiian Groups Demand Answers on Makua Sacred Sites

Stryker Brigade to push training to Makua?

Press Release March 31, 2004

Citizens and Military Reach Settlement in Makua Lawsuit

Marines will abide by environmental protections during consultation

Press Release November 13, 2002

Groups Settle Lawsuit with EPA to Implement New Ozone Standards

Ends Delay That Risked Health of Millions Nationwide

Press Release: Victory October 3, 2011

Court Rejects Army Study Of Contamination In Mākua’s Marine Resources

Community deprived of vital information about food safety because army failed to test species that local families actually eat

Press Release December 20, 2000

Citizens File Lawsuit to Protect Makua Valley

Earthjustice filed suit against the U.S. Army, once again seeking an Environmental Impact Statement under the National Environmental Policy Act for training and related activities at Makua Military Reservation on O`ahu.

An oil refinery looms over the west side of Port Arthur, TX.
(Eric Kayne for Earthjustice)
feature April 27, 2018

A Disaster In The Making

A new report documents how people have been left in harm’s way, as the Trump administration attempts to block the Chemical Disaster Rule.

Press Release August 1, 2003

EPA's Smog Proposal Falls Short of Protecting the Public

Stronger measures needed to reduce ozone pollution