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In the News: Orlando Sentinel February 9, 2024

Florida could remove majority of climate change references from state law

Bradley Marshall, Attorney, Florida Office: “It does send a statement that even though we are seeing the impacts of climate change increasing every year in the state — more people being impacted by stronger hurricanes, we’re seeing sea level rise, we’re seeing hotter summers — that we don’t think that is something we should be…

After years of inaction by the federal government, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed long-overdue limits on six PFAS in drinking water. (Getty Images)
feature February 29, 2024

Inside EPA’s Roadmap on Regulating PFAS Chemicals

Toxic “forever chemicals” remain laxly regulated.

Document February 29, 2024

New Water Pollution Control Standards for Slaughterhouses and Rendering Facilities

On average, over 17,000 animals are killed each minute in slaughterhouses across the United States. Slaughterhouse byproducts such as fat, bone, and feathers are often sent to rendering facilities for conversion into tallow, animal meal, and other products. Both slaughterhouses and rendering facilities require a near-constant flow of water, and they discharge hundreds of millions of pounds of water pollution each year.

Snake River's blue waters stand out against green landscape with Teton Mountain Range ascending in the background. Grand Tetons National Park, Teton County, Wyoming. (Edwin Remsberg / Getty Images)
Press Release February 23, 2024

Earthjustice Plaintiffs Join in White House Ceremony Uplifting Historic Columbia Basin Restoration Agreement

The landmark restoration agreement was announced in December and approved by the court earlier this month

The Puyallup River, with Mount Tahoma (Rainier) in the background. (David Seibold / CC BY-NC 2.0)
Press Release: Victory February 16, 2024

Court Rules “Temporary” Structure at Electron Dam Site Violates Endangered Species Act

Ruling will mean a free-flowing Puyallup River for fish for the first time in more than 100 years

Document December 14, 2023

Snake River Litigation: Factsheet on the United States Government Commitments

The United States Government Commitments, developed as part of a lengthy mediation process, pledge the federal government to continued support for the recovery of healthy and abundant salmon populations in the Columbia River Basin, provide significant federal funding to the Northwest, assist region-wide efforts and planning to address climate change, and set the region on a path to breach the four lower Snake River dams.

Press Release December 7, 2022

Uranium Mine Gears Up Near Grand Canyon National Park

Senate must pass permanent Grand Canyon mining ban before 117th Congress ends

The Kaibab National Forest, just south of the Grand Canyon National Park. (Wirestock / Getty Images)
Update August 8, 2023

New National Monument Protects Grand Canyon Region from Uranium Mining

Heeding calls from tribal leaders, President Biden designated nearly a million acres as Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni – Ancestral Footprints of the Grand Canyon National Monument.

Document October 16, 2023

Fact Sheet: Protect Climate-Smart Agriculture Funds in IRA

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funding is specifically allocated for projects that help fight climate change. The USDA’s conservation programs are in high demand because farmers know these programs will help keep their farms running long-term. Congress must preserve IRA conservation funding for programs that reduce emissions and help farmers withstand extreme weather events.

Document September 29, 2023

Fact Sheet: Five-Year Offshore Oil & Gas Leasing Program

Earthjustice analyzed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Act’s connection between offshore oil and gas leasing and renewable energy leasing. Even under Earthjustice’s strictest reading of the IRA, Interior does not need to include more than a single oil and gas sale to allow for all planned federal offshore wind leasing.

An industrial hog facility in North Carolina. Hog feces and urine are flushed into open, unlined pits and then sprayed onto nearby fields. The practice leads to waste contaminating nearby waters, and drifting as "mist" onto neighboring properties.
(Photo courtesy of Friends of Family Farmers)
Press Release August 16, 2023

In Response to Petition, EPA Announces New Federal Advisory Committee on Industrial Animal Factory Pollution

EPA’s announcement responds in part to a rulemaking petition submitted in October 2022 by a nationwide coalition of over 50 citizens’ groups and community advocacy, environmental justice, and environmental advocacy organizations, in partnership with Earthjustice

Red Butte Mountain south of Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. (EcoFlight)
Press Release August 8, 2023

President Biden to Designate Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni – Ancestral Footprints of the Grand Canyon National Monument

Statement from Earthjustice Senior Legislative Representative Blaine Miller-McFeeley

Press Release June 7, 2022

Grand Canyon Protection Act Gets Senate Hearing

Arizonans urge Senate to pass bill to secure protections for lands around Grand Canyon

Document April 14, 2023

Air Products Site Formerly Orange Grove Plantation Fact Sheet

Air Products Blue Energy LLC, a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania-headquartered Air Products and Chemicals, Inc, plans to build a large gas manufacturing and chemical facility on a site formerly occupied by one of the largest sugar plantations in Louisiana and where many people were enslaved. Below are detailed facts with support.

Document September 8, 2022

Last Mile Coalition: Zoning Text Amendment for E-Commerce Fact Sheet

Community advocates from the Last-Mile Coalition are proposing a way to regulate e-commerce facilities and keep our communities safer and healthier

Flora and fauna of the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument.
(NOAA Okeanos Explorer)
feature October 8, 2021

What You Should Know About The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument

How a deep-sea ecosystem will help build resilience to climate change, and how it was saved.

Document September 14, 2022

Factsheet: Incinerators in New Jersey #ClearTheAir

New Jersey’s biggest incinerators are in our low-income communities and communities of color, and they are some of the biggest polluters. Despite being so filthy, incinerators have received over $30 million in “clean energy” subsidies since 2004. This is money that YOU pay to your utility as a ratepayer. #ClearTheAir

Document January 21, 2022

Last-Mile Coalition Fact Sheet

Frontline environmental justice communities across NYC faced with the impacts of giant last-mile trucking facilities have come together to work collaboratively with partners and allies to develop a citywide initiative to pass a Zoning Resolution Text Amendment for a Special Permit.